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  1. Sorry, yes, this has now gone to jumping350, who was the first to respond. This thread can be shut down by the moderators please.
  2. Folks, I've got several potential takers for this now thanks, so no need for any more PMs please. I'll work down the list of requestors based on when they initially responded, in order to see if we can agree a pickup time! First to respond was jumping350, then jehuty, then SUPRAWOOKIE. Thanks again David
  3. Hey, I bought a new 350z front undertray from Nissan shortly before I sold my car. Mine was all dinged up, plus a couple of the bolt holes were ripped at the front. Anyhow I never fitted the new one, so it is available, for free, if you can pick it up from Hitchin. Alternatively, I work in Sunbury (west London), so if you want to pick it up from there on a weekday, that could also work. PM me if interested! thanks David
  4. Hey, yes still available .... PM me if interested. I'm away from home this week, but can post out to you next week if you want it. Thanks
  5. Price now lowered to £35 including postage, for a quick sale . Thanks
  6. Hi, for sale this Nismo style gear knob from my 350z - fits original gear lever with no adjustments, straight swap. It has a real heft due to the solid metal billet construction and is slightly shorter than the original shifter and so lends a short-shift 'feel' without any mechanical changes. It feels like a real high quality item and is in good condition as shown. £35 including postage in the UK. thanks for looking David (hairyaardvark)
  7. Admiral multi-car. They've seen me right a couple times over the years, and so I've stuck with them
  8. Hi folks, just thought I'd update you all on my post from earlier (months ago). I'm the guy who had the rusted bonnet catch fail on a Junction17 350z the day after I bought it (with a fresh MOT and inspection from them). They weren't at all interested, and were alternately bullying and full of corporate blocking when I attempted to seek my money back. Over 5k-worth of damage was done to the car when the bonnet flew up at speed, smashing the windscreen and badly damaging the roof, both front wings and the bonnet itself. It was an extremely dangerous incident - I was quite shaken up but uninjured. Anyhow I ended up claiming the damage on my insurance, but pressurised them to use my legal cover to take it up with Junction17. I'm pleased to announce that about two weeks ago I was notified that (more than 18 MONTHS after the event), that Junction17 finally quit their stalling tactics and bullcr4p, and settled the entire bill out of court. That included the repair fees, my insurance deposit returned, and my fees for the independent assessor returned, as well (I understand it) as my insurance company legal costs. I can only think that with zero possibility of defending themselves in court, they wanted to avoid the pointless theatre of it. Anyhow - as warned repeatedly above - stay away from this company. They should not be in business, and if our pathetic institutions like Trading Standards had any teeth whatsoever, they would have been shut down by now. Before you ask, yes I made several formal complaints - and yes, I've not been the only one to do so. cheers D
  9. Hey folks, I've a 350z HR late 08 car which is driving great, solid performance, virtually no oil consumption, I've sorted all the suspension and rattles, all good. However when I ring out the engine a little (I'd say anything over 5k revs really), the sense of mechanical sympathy in me comes out, because it really starts to increase the unnatural 'vibration' I can feel from the engine, or transmission or something. I know that peak torque on these cars arrives just before 5k and so I guess there isn't massive point in taking it beyond that. But taking it into redline territory is not something that this engine seems to enjoy. Question: is this a totally normal 350z experience, for an unmodified car (except for induction and backbox)? Or should I be looking closer at my engine mounts or transmission mounts or something? cheers - hard problem to explain, but something just doesn't feel 100% 'right' DR
  10. Whereabouts are you based Simon? I've got one of these on order from Nissan Letchworth but they are messing me about, and I'm inclined to tell them to take a hike and get this instead
  11. I have exactly the same problem Adam! Paperwork on my car indicates a new clutch pack about 10k ago. Did you ever get to the bottom of the problem on your car? Likewise I at first wondered if i just needed to get used to it. But it isn't that ...
  12. Bugger. That answers my question too then. It is fairly mind blowing that someone designed it without postcode ability. Funny little quirks but I still love this car





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