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  1. As the original poster of this thread, I'd be the last person to be standing up for Junction 17 Cars (or any other motor dealer), but the idea of adding what initially seems like a large markup (or 'uplift') to a car seems like standard motor trade practice. The fact that they may buy a car from and/or sell it to a forum member is irrelevant. They buy a car and pay the seller, so they are immediately out of pocket, until the car sells, which can sometimes be months, so there is an interest or financing cost. During that period they have to pay showroom or storage costs, salesp
  2. Follow up to my earlier post where I mentioned that the sales manager was going to call me back on 25th March - he didn't. I've had no contact from Junction 17 Cars apart from a generic sales letter offering to sell my car. Err, no thanks. I recently posted a review of the car and buying experience on parkers. If you'd like to read it it's here: http://www.parkers.co.uk/cars/reviews/owners-reviews/nissan/350z/roadster-2005/review/20150523094052
  3. As a follow up to the post by David Williams, I had a phone call on Monday from the Sales Manager at Junction 17 Cars in Peterborough (Jamie Dyos). He told me that the directors were aware of the article and had asked him to investigate. I gave him a brief summary of events and he said that he would look into it and call me back on Wednesday 25th. (He didn't). I'll keep you updated how things progress from here. I would also like to comment on the emails that David Williams received from the 'Customer Care Team' at Junction 17 Cars. Firstly, to refer to this as a 'malicious forum' i
  4. Thanks to all the posters who added comments and good wishes. I'm sure that many of Junction 17's customers are happy with their purchase and after sales service, but it seems from comments and posts here that I'm not alone in being disappointed with them. I understand that mistakes happen and every business 'drops the ball' from time to time, but for me, the real measure of a company is how they resolve the problems and whether they do what it takes to make a happy customer. At this, unfortunately, they failed miserably. I had originally hoped to write a positive review for Jn 17 (and
  5. In June 2014 I bought a Nissan 350Z from Junction 17 Cars in Peterborough. This is my review ... The Good The have an impressive showroom filled with a large variety of very desirable cars, including Porsche, Mercedes, Lotus, and several 350Z's. There was even a Lamborghini. Friendly, professional seeming staff. I was told that the car that I was interested in had just arrived and hadn't yet been prepared for sale, but it would be sold in the same condition as the other cars in the showroom. After a test drive, I went round the car with the salesman, Jamie Lunnis, and pointed o
  6. I've used a Sony adaptor in the past and have been quite surprised by the sound quality. It's never going to match CD of course, but it is perfectly usable. I'd advise experimenting with the volume level on the device - it might sound better at 90% volume than 100%. Also avoid the cheapo unbranded adaptors. From memory, the Sony was about £16 on Amazon. You could also consider using a bluetooth to FM transmitter to stream music from your phone and also provide hands free control of your phone. I have the GOgroove FlexSMART X2 (about £48 from Amazon) and would recommend it. Not the chea
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