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  1. 1. andy James 2. MatthewThain 3. Humpy 4. Taybo
  2. Is this still happening? Numbers seem a bit low :-/
  3. Better for me. May have a better chance of being back on the road.
  4. Yes, if mine is back on the road :-/
  5. I swapped the spark plug and coil pack for new items but no different. I think I'm going to book it into the local Nissan dealership for a full diagnostic :-(
  6. Got a P0304 code on a journey the other weekend and car was running rough. Changed the spark plug and coil pack and the same code keeps coming back. Plug was oily when I removed it. Thinking it's something serious now. Any help appreciated.
  7. Pretty sure the Rev-up and HR are the same colour wires. I made this diagram for Rev-up colour codes after installing my Flyboy module
  8. Firstly be aware that there are slight differences between facelift and non facelift cubbys. I went the other way and removed the sat nav unit and put a cubby in; whilst replacing the Bose headunit with an android headunit. With this I can run Google maps etc. etc.
  9. I gonna give this until the end of September folks. If we can't get the numbers by then I'll probably be buying on my own. My nuts are rusty and I don't like it
  10. taybo

    350z front wings

    I'll have some black ones spare soon as I've got some CF ones on the way. (Somerset)
  11. Yes you can but try and get a facelift cubby as there are subtle differences with the DE ones. A DE one will fit with a bit of fettling.
  12. What grade oil are you currently using? As said above going a little thicker can make a big difference to consumption.
  13. taybo

    Fly eye removal

    Had mine on for about a year. Harder to remove the older it is and yes it does seem to leave a permanent mark where the adhesive is, even after refurbishment.
  14. Thanks to Jo, Colin and Paul. It was a great day and highly recommended to anyone thinking about doing one of these events. Learnt loads and had lots of fun in the process. Cheers





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