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  1. Would say wheel bearing fella
  2. Never seen anything like it 👀
  3. Do the tips have enough length adjustment to cater for the Nismo bumper?
  4. A other season complete. Easy pickings in the end for Max, another championship and very well deserved. Super star also George Russell, single handedly removed Lewis from the table of consideration for F1's GOAT in my opinion.
  5. Granted stop start city driving an auto would be better, however a Z isn't really suites to city life. Poor visibility, poor slow speed mpg, wide not very practical etc
  6. Welkom along, it's a buyer's market definitely have a drive of both and see which one suits. The VQ manual you can almost drive like an auto anyways due to the low down torque, even round town at slow speeds leave it in third and it's no bother. No one buys an 350z or 370z for outright speed or performance, it's for the way they look, sound, handle and the overall engaging drive (price, rareness, reliability also huge factors) manual gearbox only adds to the experience.
  7. Glad she's back with you pal. In that time we've had 3 Prime Ministers 🤣
  8. Cheers everyone again for a wonderful day, successfully snuck in a last drive out for 2022. Peak District, end of November mostly dry and even a few hours of sun, can't be bad. THANK YOU all again for coming.
  9. Ok this is still a go unless the weather turns to crap, see you all tomorrow ✅
  10. *no worries fella, hopefully see you for the next one. Morning all Midlands pre meet info 👍 Location: Moto Tamworth Services M42 Junction Wilnecote, B77 5PS Time: 8:15 1. davey_83 PM 2. SHEZZA 3. GranTurismoEra maybe 4. Andy_Muxlow 5. Justthejedi
  11. First decent sound clip of my set up 😊 - Motordyne ART pipes *heat wrapped - Motordyne XYZ pipe with HFC - Thorney Motorsport 3' exhaust
  12. Been a great Summer, lovely warm consistent temps which made cold showers an absolute pleasure. However, with Autumn being well and truly upon us those cold showers take a bit more grit to stand under. First cold bath of the season, fill up allow to chill overnight and get in! These are actually easier than a cold shower believe it or not. Will look to chuck a bag of ice in for the next one. Coming up to 2yrs of the Wim Hof Method and still very much an advocate. Health body and mind 🙌
  13. Following on from a recent FB group pole, destination Peak District is a go!! This utterly stunning location which needs no introduction and boast some amazing country roads. Initial meet up to chat, take pictures, refreshments or loo break. 95 mile route drawn up with check points. Snake Pass, Winnats Pass, Cat and Fiddle all on route. Full details of route provided on the day or via PM. Start point location: Peak Village Chatsworth Rd, Rowsley, Matlock DE4 2JE Date: Sunday 20th November Time: 10am - 6pm Pub dinner booked for us all on the evening at a lovely spot in Ashbourne. As before no speeding, silly manoeuvres or overtaking unless on a dual carriageway. Event subject to weather conditions. All cars welcome 😃
  14. Most likely by the time video has gone up the vehicles already been sold
  15. Ta damn From out resident youtuber
  16. Look forward to the install update 👍
  17. Very good effort and considering these pictures are from just a few inches away looks decent. I would just suggest for the next time working with rolled back edges thus not to have a hard blend line for the colour match. Bonnet struts have been fitted upside down as you want the body of the damper upside down, so the oil is always providing lubricant for the ram seal.
  18. Much needed imo is tints for cars like this, looks smarter and don't know why Nissan didn't provide this from factory.
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