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  1. MidlandZ Club Meet in a couple weeks time 🤗 https://facebook.com/events/s/midlandz-club-meet-august/687311268996918/
  2. Argh!!!! I missed this from Gaydon. Would have loved to have a good nose round FFS. Meet was too big 😩
  3. Mate you car shines against all those imo 👍 looks like a fantastic day. Underside goals!!
  4. Bump for August 🤗 Numbers looking very decent!!
  5. Cheers pal. We have another meet at the end of the month too ✅ Don't get me wrong the MidlandZ meets are very popular however I've organised stuff and had 4 cars show up including me, nature of he beast. https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/128936-bowling-green-club-meet-sun-28th-aug/
  6. Great photos pal. Your new car is sweeeeeeeet!!!
  7. The first picture I ever took of her was up on a ramp with the selling company, so got to see the underside up close *see first page. Spent most of her life as a UK daily driver and to be fair it is very clean.
  8. Thank you both, to be fair it's a big ask as many members travel from far (6hr+ round trip) to be there and with the current cost of fuel it's not cheap at all. Can't thank you ALL enough for coming 🙌 Fantastic owners community 👍
  9. Along with the club meet yesterday she had her MOT straight after, made sense as the garage was on the way back home. Less a windscreen chip (that's been there ever since I've had the car) and oddly a missing nut and bolt from the drives side downpipe a clean bill of health. Even asked the tester anything to look out for over the next 12 months, said not a thing and made a comment of her being really clean and tidy underneath - not bad for 92k Happy days 😁
  10. Wonderful day, can't thank you all enough!!! Amazing people, unreal cars, mega weather all made it a rather special day. To date the biggest club meet since my time of joining back in 2015, so again thank you everyone as I absolutely love bringing people together. 75 cars in all and many more members not bad at all. Next club meet at the end of the month ✅
  11. Few solo pics/vid from today at Gaydon 😁
  12. Sorry to hear that, they'll be plenty more I'm sure. - safe drive tomorrow everyone and see you then 👍
  13. Sorry to see this pal, one of the rear inner bleed nipples on mine weren't budging so left it be at the recent brake fluid change. Take it you're replacing the inner caliper nipples also?
  14. Same, it's like watching porn on mute
  15. Good afternoon all Just got of the phone to Susan on the events team, we're down for 9:30am arrival not 9am my error in excitement. Please arrive no sooner than 9:30am. Please update your pre meet times ✅ Notcutts Shirley is now 8:30am
  16. Hey pal, the Gaydon set up looks as so from the B4100 leading up to the parking area. It's barriered at the top of that long straight to the museum.
  17. I will just add you need to be getting under your car alot more. Tyres that would fail an MOT due to wear is avoidable, not to mention very dangerous. I was literally under mine today checking over and general housekeeping.
  18. For the price of track rod ends, might aswell replace. I had advisories on those at the last MOT and LCA ball joints rubber boots also. I replaced with polyurethane items as the joint itself was fine. Tad damn...
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