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  1. Hi all Anyone have a front bumper lower lip for sale in good condition ? Also need foam support that sits behind front bumper ? Colin
  2. xxx180

    Pcv valve required

    Pcv valve required for 2004 DE? colin
  3. xxx180

    Pcv valve required

    Hi looking for a new pcv valve delivered. Anyone got any please ? Colin
  4. Long shot I know. Need cobra mid section.(resonated ) New or used. Can only find complete systems for sale. colin
  5. Thanks for the link. Ordered a pair last week and due to be delivered tomorrow. Will let you know how I get on.
  6. They look great? How much were they please and do you have a link to website ?
  7. 2004 model. Passenger headlight crazed on inside so will not polish. Looking for either a very good condition replacement or an upgrade to replace both with 06 onwards. Aftermarket lights also an option if anyone can recommend a decent set ( if they exist )
  8. Passenger window motor ( regulator) a bit stop start. Responds to the whack on the door card but time to replace I think. Anyrhing out there ? Colin
  9. Any engine under-trays out there ? Regards Colin
  10. Purchased now. Please lock thread or delete.
  11. Front offside arch liner if anyone has any. Possibly need new undertray as well. regards Colin
  12. 2004 gt mate. PM sent. thanks
  13. Hi Driver side bumper cap for headlight washer required if possible. In Gunmetal ideally however not essential.
  14. And yet another. Grays, near Thurrock Lakeside. Seems a few about in Essex but never see any on my travels. Will give a toot and thumbs up if I see anyone. For info mines a gunmetal, WNZ 3507. Colin
  15. xxx180

    Private plate

    Mine is WNZ 3507. cheapy but with the number plate screw close to the 7 it kind of works lol





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