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  1. 2 side skirts in gunmetal grey. Free to anyone who can collect from RM17. Won’t post so please don’t ask. Will throw away if not collected this week. Regards Colin
  2. Hi I’m not sure to be honest but I think the bore is bigger on the cobra than standard. Maybe someone else can confirm? Regards
  3. I purchased Malian short tips from eBay new and had no issues whatsoever. Yes they stick out slightly further however the fit was perfect and the sound in my opinion is great. For just over £200 I’m very happy compared to prices for other makes.
  4. Headlights sold , side skirts and cobra mid pipe still available.
  5. Hi yes if you can collect that’s fine. I can be contacted on 07538072351 if you need any more details.
  6. All still for sale. Collection only please.
  7. Hi Chris Sorry for not getting back to you been a bit busy. Yes still available and if they can be collected then I will let them go for £70 to be fair. regards Colin
  8. Hi I have a pair of 2004 headlights ( shells only , no ballasts ) could do with a refurb £100 Cobra stainless mid section ( non resonated ) £50 2 side sills in gunmetal £50 All collection only from Thurrock Essex.
  9. Hi Alex could it be a stuck open exhaust valve and if so anyway to unstick with head on car ? Would I see anything with valve cover off turning over engine that might give me an idea ? Is it worth running a decoke fluid through oil do you think? Car still runs albeit poorly due to zero compression on cylinder 4. regards Colin
  10. If it was that Alex how big a job is this for a diy person? I recently changed valve covers etc but cylinder heads are a different league I guess. Would I be best fitting a used head Cost wise mate ? Any idea on cost ? thanks for quick reply btw
  11. Hi guys 2004DE with 98k. Sudden bad misfire with code reader suggesting cylinder 4. Today I completed compression test. 5 cylinders were all 150psi however cylinder 4 had nothing. No reading at all. I would of expected something if worn rings ? Would a valve issue cause zero compression ? Any help much appreciated. cheers Colin
  12. Hi Me again. Do you still have the side skirts ? I’m off tomorrow and thinking about driving up and collecting if possible.Are you about tomorrow? regards Colin
  13. Ahhh shame. Too far away from me to collect. I’m Thurrock Essex. Wouldn’t know how much to deliver I guess mate ?
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