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  1. Not usually into newsletters but a forum newsletter is a great idea. Would definitely read it and hope to contribute
  2. Spotted on the internet . . . LOL

    Search ‘donked’ Dan you’ll be upset
  3. BMW 645Ci Manual Coupe £7295

    You could ask stevo d or other members to link it on there for you
  4. BMW 645Ci Manual Coupe £7295

    Have you tried driftworks? The 6 is a marmite car at the best of times but with your mods even more so. I think you’d have more chance of finding buyers who are into wierd and wonderful cars to skid
  5. The worst day

    I always try to look for positives in hard situations. The main one I can think of for you guys is that his wife and unborn weren’t in the car- that would’ve been a harder pill to swallow
  6. The worst day

    Sorry to hear that.... really tragic story Having a family member or friend pass on puts things into perspective but when it’s something like this it makes it harder to digest. Like you mentioned you’re struggling to comprehend the situation- no one can understand what his wife is going through All I can say is time heals everything. In some cases longer than others and in her case every time she looks at the child she will remember this, her joy will be sadness at the start. But eventually she will come to terms with it and move on with her and the little one’s lives Makes you appreciate what you have......
  7. Where is The North?

    Not anymore unfortunately. The ink used to give chips an amazing taste lol
  8. Driver Door Stuck Shut

    That time of year again
  9. Where is The North?

    You mean vinegar
  10. Number One Choice of Colour

    Azure. No contest
  11. Door lock issues

    Heard of this a few times, always in winter When it happened to me the lubricant in the mechanism had dried out. Mechanic removed the door and reapplied lubricant, was fine after that
  12. Yea saw that last night too Used to belong to chalkie on here
  13. PS not sure why that thread preview shows that 370?
  14. Same car? Agreed col, that v2 looked great. The gtr...... doesn’t look great
  15. 350z aftermarket seats

    If you can’t spare 10 hours or don’t want to then get a flight/train down and make a weekend of it? Will save you a fair bit if you book in advance
  16. my 370gt skyline

    My friend has a company mainly importing parts from the states and Japan, he also does a few cars a month. He sourced my 350gt. Can pm you his details if required
  17. Just bought a pair from zmanalex, a trader on here, for a lot less Drop him a pm
  18. my 370gt skyline

    Ah I remember now, met Ron at hardest avfew years back, I had a spare ticket he bought it off me I think it was 2013 or 14, our stand was in the quarry. I was in a black Lexus GS as my 33 was off the road. Don’t remember if yours was there that year
  19. my 370gt skyline

    Was that Ron’s car behind yours?
  20. my 370gt skyline

    Already on SO from my 33 days but the community isn’t a patch on this one Mine isn’t a skyline- it’s a zed in disguise
  21. my 370gt skyline

    Which owners club was that with? There’s not many gt owners on here Feel like I’m hijacking your thread lol but plans are: lowering (done) black grille debadge rear remove rear spoiler (keeping it spoilerless) wheels side skirts (ken style) rear bumper (chargespeed) carbon side blades/splitter a few interior mods repaint calipers fit intake (ordered-dc sports) burnt exhaust tips engine bay dress up ......that’ll keep me busy for a while
  22. my 370gt skyline

    Nice. They suit the stealth look
  23. 2015 370z for sale (modified)

    Stunning. Glwts
  24. I'm going to buy a Yank

    How about some low rider 7.0L action? With change left over https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/1969-Buick-Riviera-Big-Block-Custom-MUST-SEE/292375224911?hash=item4412ebe24f:g:69sAAOSw8axaN6MT
  25. New 350z

    Welcome along What was your last V6?