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  1. I think you’re still pricing them too high, I k ow it’s not what you want to hear Ignore the dreamers on eBay there’s no way they’ll sell for nearly a grand, they usually go for 3-400 and sometimes sit for a while before they sell There was a set with tyres on driftworks for 200 and they didn’t sell Low demand for them unfortunately
  2. Agreed you’ll need to lower the price- by a lot more. They usually go for around half what you’re asking Also they don’t always sell quickly there’s not a huge demand for them
  3. They wheels came on the 380RS and I think the nismo version too, with the V3 kit
  4. Looks class. I saw a dark grey s15 on autotrader thought it was this one up for sale, glad you’re still going with it Cheeky lexus RC in the background too 👌🏼
  5. 😂 There was talk of it being called a 400Z because of the power output but they named it the Nissan Z. It’s a 3.0 twin turbo So you weren’t wrong- just very late 😂
  6. You’re 60 pages too late for that debate, it’s been in production for a while now mate
  7. I’m sure I’ve seen this on the forum before? Staying at the same hotel as me at the trafford centre
  8. I really don’t 😂 The info should be stamped on the back of the wheels
  9. Definitely, they look class Moving the number plate or a retractable plate would also make a huge improvement, looks out of place there especially for a show car
  10. LRF4N


  11. I can vouch for Paul’s addiction Actually I can’t- it’s worse than I though, had no idea about the yellow GT4 until I saw your post yesterday 😂 Looks mint Now get the red one finished ffs... 👀
  12. The 370 was nice- but that s15..... Get a build thread for that up
  13. For sale on driftworks https://www.driftworks.com/forum/threads/nissan-350z-hr.287428/
  14. Not sure about the zed but I do love the curry mile 😂
  15. I think everyone agrees there- that defo was hard work...
  16. I did know it’s wider, but I still maintain it’s irrelevant
  17. The width of the car is irrelevant, it depends on how far the hubs sit in relation to the arches
  18. Ah nice where abouts? All food here mate, daughters are 10 and 6. Still got the 350GT but not had much time for it recently with the business. Got a 640d for daily duties
  19. Purdie back on the forum?? How did that happen 😂 How you been mate? Congrats on the wee one how old is he/she? Hope you and Nicole are well Where you moving to? I remember you talking about emigrating back in the day, was it Canada you mentioned?
  20. Change the thread title to ‘FREE PARTS’ and add pics, or start a new thread If it’s anything like freebies on gumtree they’ll be gone in 5 minutes 😂
  21. Stick up the images of what you have drawn 👍🏼 Diffusers can look good on their own but sometimes they just look stuck on and out of place. Spats definitely help Also sometimes spats with a diffuser with a gap in between doesn’t look quite right Might be worth looking at spats with a custom diffuser to finish it off, if you can make them all flow as if it’s almost one piece Or look at a rear lip
  22. There’s endless options, have a look on google images etc to get ideas but personally I prefer mods on front, rear and sides for the most aggressive look If you’re going for a rear diffuser you can add some spats onto the rear bumper to finish it off Side steps look good but I prefer aftermarket side skirts, the standard skirts are too flat. Or even better, side steps added onto aftermarket skirts
  23. Usually it’s the original plate but occasionally they assign a different plate after the private plate comes off, my 350z got a completely different plate after I removed my private plate Also you can renew the retention certificate after 10 years you don’t automatically lose the plate
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