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  1. I have these in stock mate and good to go same/next day. Let me know if I can help you further. Just click on the link below:
  2. A quick DIY is to remove the small front main timing chain inspection plate. The part of the tensioner that comes in contact with the chain slipper should protrude no more than 12 mm. It is controlled via oil pressure. Another common issue is the main timing chain slipper can fail. There are 3 chains in all.
  3. A set of new front and rear Brembo style discs and pads would be £480.00 A rust-free preowned front bracing would be £50.00 and a rust-free preowned rear "W" bracing would be £100.00 Courier shipping would be at cost. All the above are in stock and good to go same/next day. I do not stock exhaust systems. Alex.
  4. I had around 10 of these available 8 months ago, but would have to check if I have any left. These are refurbished preowned OEM.
  5. The wiper arms are on a fine spline and can be adjusted. However, what you gain on one side you will lose on the other.
  6. As above, you won't go wrong with Motul 8100 5W30 Eco Nergy FS.
  7. New covers are in stock and good to go same/next day: Just drop me a PM if I can help further.
  8. As said before, an Up Rev tune should fix your problem, as this is a common issue on this model. Iridium or platinum plugs are good for circa 48,000 miles whilst copper plugs only last cica 12,000 miles. Also, check for engine oil ingress down the coil pack apertures.
  9. The best way to get the crank pulley bolt off is to use a breaker bar and socket and jam against the front chassis leg and flick the ignition key, however, I guess that it is a bit late for that now as you have disconnected the electrics. So if it is really tight then you will have to lock the flywheel and the bolt should come loose using a good breaker bar and good socket. Otherwise, attack from the front using a powerful impact gun and impact socket.
  10. 370 heads complete with valves and cams are in stock if required.
  11. 350Z CD009 gearbox for sale. Slight crunching from most gears, so will require new synchro baulk rings or possibly hubs Will fit early 350 or 350 rev up but not the HR. Sold for spares or repair. £500.00
  12. 350Z CD009 gearbox for sale. Slight crunching from the 6th gear synchro but otherwise in great shape. If you double de-clutch or shift into 6th slowly there is no issue. Will fit early 350 or 350 rev up but not the HR. £1000.00
  13. Please confirm if this is a 350 or 370. I have had this once on a 350 but not a 370. The area below the coil pack tube was porous (not cracked) around the spark plug area. The head is internally cooled by coolant passing either side of the coil pack aperture and below the aperture. Heads for 350 and 370 are in stock if required.
  14. All parts are in stock, however, collection only from PH2 6EZ which may not be geographically suitable for you.
  15. In that case, you will have to drop the gearbox to get the crank out. Also, you can drop the engine and gearbox downwards with the cross member and suspension as one unit, so a good trolly jack would be your friend.
  16. Are you removing the engine? If so the PAS pump can be left on the engine. Disconnecting and reconnecting the main loom from the engine will add 4 hours to the job. Coolant tube below showing fixing points.
  17. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=350Z+power+steering+pump&source=lmns&tbm=vid&bih=679&biw=1243&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiinrext4eCAxU9cqQEHQoQAU8Q_AUoAnoECAEQAg Also, worth mentioning, is to leave the main engine loom all hooked up to the engine and disconnect at the ECU and pull in through the firewall.
  18. Sold List updated 18/10/2023 Plenty parts still in stock.
  19. Sold List updated 18/10/2023. Plenty parts still available.
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