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  1. If he plays hard ball, just remove the rusted panel and go to another testing station.
  2. All parts are in stock and good to go same/next day. If the kidney brackets are corroded then they will have to be replaced, however from your image it appears to be the panel that runs behind the petrol tank that is corroded and if that is the case, just remove it as it serves very little purpose. IMHO, this panel should not be an MOT failure as it is not structural However I have the panels in stock if you wish to replace. Kidney brackets are also in stock. Alex
  3. That is what I basically have said regarding the syncros. Fresh fluids will not help. Just be less aggressive with your gear changes and you will be fine. Or splash the cash and pull the box.
  4. Clutch not clearing or you are beating the 4th-5th syncro. Either way the gearbox will have to come out if you want a permanent fix or just let the revs drop and be a tad less aggressive with your gear changes.
  5. All in stock, just drop me a PM if I can help further.
  6. Common issue, I will give you the fix when back on my pc later today.
  7. Just get under the o/s/f arch liner and give the bonnet pull cable a yank.
  8. I have 350 DE and HR blower motors in stock as well as relays and other associated parts to fix your issue. Have you checked the connections on the white ribbon and also the condition of the white ribbon itself? I also have the ribbons in stock if required. Alex.

    oxygen sensors

    Genuine Nissan sensors are in stock and good to go same/next day. Just drop me a PM if I can help further with your car details. Alex.
  10. Colin, Only if the OP has not topped up the fluid to compensate for pad wear. Could be numerous things, however the easy and cheap stuff first.
  11. Are your brake lights working as they should?
  12. Probably a front sensor, however check the exhaust for leaks and also for a faulty cat. If you have sport cats on, then remember that the temps have to be very high to get through emissions. Genuine New Nissan sensors are in stock if required (avoid aftermarket) Alex.
  13. First think to do is top up your brake fluid to the absolute maximum.
  14. Sorry had to delete temporarily
  15. I have one which I can ship tomorrow for a Saturday delivery, but be warned, the shipping won't be cheap.
  16. I have the rear wiper arms in stock and good to go same/next day. Just drop me a PM if I can help further. Alex.
  17. 3rd and final set of these very desirable wheels and tyres.
  18. Only 1 x set left in stock. When they are gone they are gone.



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