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  1. Sold items list updated see page 1 Plenty parts still available.
  2. The switch is next to the oil filter so it possibly took a knock. Check the switch and wiring and associated parts for damage
  3. Sold out of rust free wings at the minute I am afraid.
  4. I will check when in the shop tomorrow for you.
  5. Another one here with air lock. They can be challenging to bleed for mechanics who don't know there way round a 350Z.
  6. Easily repaired by a wheel specialist providing the "flat" comes out. Wheels and tyres are in stock if required. I have full sets and singles available.
  7. This is the full kit including the isothermal stuff:
  8. Harsh, however if he had not been so stubborn about the course that was offered and the FPN then we would never have heard about this incident. What do they say, "principles can be costly".
  9. Here you go, plenty in stock: just drop me a PM if I can help you further.
  10. My 2005 Roadster came with OEM sensors and the sounder is in the cubby beside the handbrake. I will check the route of the wires when back in the shop.
  11. The diesel will last 3 days and the V power 1 day (120 laps) The E10 will probably last a week if it does not rain. Having to be very selective for the track days as it was a money pit even before the fuel price increases. Prior to the pandemic you had to book your track time 3 months in advance to be guaranteed a slot, however you can now just rock up on the day without booking as they are never fully booked. Sad days indeed, however onwards and upwards, says the glass half full guy.
  12. Feel my pain. Filled up yesterday. Full tank of Diesel in the 4 x4 and V-Power in the track 350Z and 4 x Jerry cans. E10 for the lawn mowers and garden machinery £556.00.

    350z shafts

    In stock and good to go same/next day. just drop me a PM if I can help further. Shipping is not a problem.
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