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  1. She's gone , thread can be closed now, thanks.. Pete
  2. No, nothing wrong with them, just needed 4 seats really. This was my wife's car, we had it for 7 years. Pete
  3. 84 in a 70 limit and you should be offered an awareness course, provided you haven't been on one during the past 3 years. The upper limit is 86. Pete
  4. After 13 years ownership I feel I've done my bit . Yes, the Zed is for sale and I'm replacing it with.....nothing at least for a trial period. We're going to just have the one car, a Nissan Juke and as Caroline only works 3 days a week with careful planning we should manage. I went for the Zed because its uncommon, I could have gone for a Z4 or an Audi TT but felt that these were 10 a penny. Same reason I bought a Triumph GT6 rather than an MGB or my Celica T-Sport rather than an anonymous Ford Focus. I've enjoyed my time with the Zed even though I never used its full potential or even drove it that often. I'm pretty gutted at letting her go though but I feel the time is right, I'm almost 71 and starting to have some slight vision problems especially at night. It'll be sad day when I see someone driving off in her but I'll still have the photos.....and the memories. Pete
  5. Speeding tickets in North Wales are always sent out on a Monday (in bulk) and will arrive well within 14 days of the offence. This applies to fixed cameras and mobile camera vans. My wife used to work for the department that handled the tickets for fixed cameras at Flintshire County Council
  6. No rush to sell it really. Only gets used 2 days a week and I can't really justify keeping it indefinitely.. Cheers, Pete
  7. Yeah, I've been quiet lately, still have The Zed but its up for sale now. Pete
  8. Thought I'd be one of the top ones but not so. Registered 01-01-2006 now on 30950. Pete
  9. Its a very reluctant sale, I'll be heartbroken to see it go. Pete
  10. Wow, that's great, I'll take you up on that offer. Thanks, Pete
  11. After 13 years of ownership my 350 ZED GT is up for sale. First registered on 01-01-2006 the car spent its first 13 months in a main dealers showroom. I have the original bill of sale with the mileage at less than 200 miles. The car has had the following services. 8,808 Full Service 15080 21,215 Full Service less plugs 23,644 25,982 29,367 The mileage now is 30,940.Jobs done, new Banana arms fitted 2017 drivers side, 2018 passengers side. New front brakes and disks 2018 and a new battery in 2018. The car has no dings, no scratches, never been in an accident, absolute minimum stone chips and has never been smoked in. The paintwork is excellent, no rust that I can find. The car has been sensibly driven, never Red Lined and apart from a handful of times when I put a tenners worth of 95 RON in has been run on VPower. The inside of the car is in excellent shape, very little wear on the drivers seat and no wear on the passenger seat. New 275/30/20 Falken tyre fitted late 2019. Plenty of tread on Front tyres 245/35/20 also Falkens. The Space saver spare wheel is unused. New wiper blades fitted 2019. Everything electrical works and I have had not a single problem in the 13 years I've had this car. The following mods have been fitted. Rear LED's HR Bulge Bonnet 3D Carbon Sideskirts GReddy replica front spoiler Zunsport front grille. Nismo replica Rear spoiler and spats. Carbon Fibre diffuser. Roof Spoiler (not fitted at present) Touch screen Sat Nav integrated into cubby hole with lid RAC GPS DashCam One of Ian's Boot Dividers. 20" Jade-R wheels. The bad....No MOT, it expired yesterday. No problem though, once the exhaust is replaced or repaired I'm confident it will pass. It's still on the original exhaust and it has corroded where the box meets the pipe. Needs a couple of fairly minor cosmetic jobs. Wheels could do with a refurb. One of the wheel spacers need replacing, I have the spacer, just haven't got round to doing it. In view of the lack of MOT I am asking for £6,500, an absolute steal really. Pleas PM me if you have any questions. Thanks Car comes with 2 keys plus the Valet key and is located in North East Wales 8 Miles from Chester.
  12. I'm thinking of selling my one owner, low mileage (just 30k) 2006 Blade Silver 350Z GT Coupe. I'm only doing about 80 miles a month right now and I don't really need it any more. PM me if you are interested. Cheers, Pete
  13. Racing on the highway, seize cars, crush them, 3 years automatic ban. I'm sorry to say this but films like Fast an Furious encourage this sort of stupidity. Pete
  14. Quite right. Referendums have their place but you can't run a country on referendums. What next, abolish the Monarchy, Independence for England, bring back hanging, leave NATO, get my drift. Pete
  15. On a personal level I don't want her to come back and that goes for everyone who joined IS. If she were to come back then she would have to have a lifelong change of identity, much like the Bulger killers to protect her from retaliation and this would cost many millions of £'s. I don't think this is really acceptable. The problem she has is that I can't think of a single country that would take her, maybe Palestine but I'm not even sure of that. It was fairly obvious to me that at some stage IS would be defeated,and by the time she left in 2015 the Western powers were already committed to squashing the truly evil scourge of IS. The writing was on the wall when they started beheading journalists, aid workers and the ethnic cleansing of the Yazidis. She should, even at 15, thought this through properly and realized this so called Utopia would be very short lived. I don't know what's going to happen to her but quite frankly I don't really care and the sooner the press stop interviewing her the better. Pete
  16. I've no plans to sell at the moment but circumstances could always change. The Zed has been driven very carefully, most would say too carefully and has rarely been over 4k revs. Its a real shame that I don't get to use it much as we tend to use Caroline's workhorse Nissan Juke. However I still need a car and will do until Caroline decides to retire so i may as well hang onto The Zed/ It's not really costing me much and will probably hold its value quite well...and its still a great car to drive! Pete
  17. I've had mine for 12 years now. Bought from a Nissan dealer who for some strange reason registered the car in Jan 2006 then stuck it in their showroom for 12 months, so only delivery mileage and a 4k price reduction. Now its on 29,300 miles and passed its M.O.T today with flying colours. So far it has eaten its way through 4 batteries, banana arms on both sides and new brake disks and pads on the front. No accidents, no stone chips (believe it or not) and has never let me down. Not sure what the future holds, my mileage has dropped to an average of less than 2k a year over the last 4 years. Selling is one option but I'm pretty reluctant to let her go really! Pete
  18. I thought my Zed was dirty until I saw this one! Spotted parked up in a quarry while I was out for a walk in Pinfold Lane, Buckley. It was Silver, a prefacelift with touring wheels. No idea on the reg or if it was an import as the back number plate was completely obscured by mud. Firm working the quarry are from The Wirral so car probably originates from there. Also, got a wave from a Blue 370Z in Mold late this afternoon. Pete
  19. JetSet

    MOT History

    No, it can't be changed. We spotted an obvious mileage error on The M.O.T certificate when we picked up our Nissan Juke last year (The mileage was several thousand miles lower than when the last service was done 6 months before The M.O.T !!!). Once the details have been uploaded to VOSA they simply can't be changed. Pete
  20. Yes, I'll be attending together with Caroline. We won't be staying overnight but will be there for the museum and evening meal. Will sort out payment shortly. Pete
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