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  1. Hi Lee, Thanks for your reply, I'm in Bradford. I'll have a look at both the BCM and the IPDM as you suggested, are they both an easy replacement ie just plug the replacement in?? Thanks Simon
  2. Hi, I've got the same problem how did you fix it?? Thanks . Simon
  3. Hi all, I have recently upgraded my cloth seats to the leather heated electric seats, the movement of the seats work perfectly, now im trying to get the heated part working. I have put the heated seat switches and wiring harness in the switches light up but i still havent got the heaters to work, what am I missing to get everything up and running? Cheers Simon
  4. Hi All, Yesterday I was driving and the ABS light, ESP off light and the Traction Control light all came on. Which wasnt a problem but now this morning the car wont start at all, just keeps turning over not firing. Any suggestions of what to look at first? The battery was new 6 months ago Thanks in advance Simon
  5. Cheers, where abouts is the crank position sensor (just in case) and is there a way to test it before buying a new one?
  6. Cheers, going to get it checked tomorrow
  7. Hi. I put the car away in the garage last night, this morning I tried to start it, it did start briefly then died now it just turns over but doesn't start. Any ideas on what it could be ? It's a 54 plate with 60,000 miles just had a new clutch a month ago Thanks in advance Simon
  8. Thanks all, will give altering clutch pedal a go, then gearbox oil I'll let you know how I get on
  9. Cheers, will give that a go at the weekend
  10. Hi, yeah didnt think there was anything wrong with the gearbox, do you think the biting point on the clutch needs altering?
  11. Hi, picked up my 54 plate Z with 52,000 on the clock. All was fine till the weather became colder the other day. It takes about 15 mins of warming up before I can get it in to any gear. Absolutely fine when it's warmed up Although ive read its very notchy and a few have this problem non seem to be as severe as this. This morning I didnt have the hand brake on and trying to get it in to first was like hitting a wall but I noticed the car was creeping ever so slightly forward could this be tge clutch isn't fully engaged when the pedal is pressed? Also if I turn the engine off I can select any gear easily. Any thoughts or help appricated Apart from this its a fantastic car (onece warmed up) Cheerss Simon
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