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  1. The truth is that Malaga is a wonderful place to live, even more for those of us who like to drive , there are good mountain and coastal roads a few kilometers away. And about the soccer team, for which I work, unfortunately this year we are in the Second Division . Thank you all for hosting me in this group.
  2. Thank you moderator, I was not aware at the time that they could send me spam. In Spain it is very complicated to make any type of modification in vehicles, they put many obstacles and ask for a lot of documentation and approvals, there are very strict laws, and in the end they use them to raise a lot of money. In the UK there are great possibilities to modify your car and everything is really easier.
  3. It has been my first choice but it has not been successful
  4. hi guys I bought my second hand 350z and it comes equipped with a Gemini invidia. the time has come to pass the technical inspection and the former owner lost the exhaust pipe documentation. If any of you would be so kind as to provide me with the scan homologation document, you would make me very happy. I do not think there is any problem since I am from Spain and I will go to the inspection in my country. thanks in advance
  5. thanks for the welcome guys, I will interact with you, and unfortunately my English is not so good I hope you forgive me the mistakes, I leave another picture of my Zed and my city to which they are invited
  6. Hello, I am Alvaro and I present to you my 350Z of 2005 from the south of Spain Málaga
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