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  1. Hi  Alex it was suggested you might be able to help me with a high level brake light for my Roadster ? be handy if you can.


  2. Hi all Think I may have a problem here as nothing showing on the " interweb" so hoping someone on here might be able to advise or even have one, awaiting responses in eager anticipation Thanks.
  3. Next job on the agenda the " clicky axle syndrome " anybody have an idea of split pin size ? Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks for all the replies guy's, all sorted now, had an apologetic call from insurers Monday 1st regarding time and other nonsense, admin fee waived ( just as well cos I sure wasn't gonna pay one ! ) argued with them ref BHP increase and I think that's what all the fuss was about THERE IS NO INCREASE, am quite familiar with ins co's any way as spent some time as an estimator after calling it a day panel beating ..... you get to an age when crawling about under rusty cars, welding with sparks going in yer lugholes and all associated pleasures needs to be finished with, had some good times though
  5. Got to say though the new system sounds good
  6. True and also my fourteen year old engine is not outputing the same specs as when it was much younger so regardless of increase that wouldn't really be an issue, that was my initial conversation with them, fitting stainless steel as old system looking a bit worse for wear ........ thats when the questions started, watch this space for updates
  7. You sure ain't wrong there, but to be honest this must be a bit of a glitch as usually they are top flight as I said the Beemer issue was sorted almost immediatly, so one more week and it's gotta be end of.
  8. The story so far, had a Cobra Resonated two part system purchased from the great team at Tarmac Sportz fitted to my roadster by a local tyre, exhaust service centre so all paperwork in order, now one week down the line ins co still not entirely happy to amend my policy as they have investigated the " Cobra set up " I have on the Cobra website and have discovered an independent review suggesting a power increase of 8bhp approx with sport cats and y pipe along with corresponding torque increase, I did suggest this is not what I had fitted to my car....... and as we all know the bhp on a fourteen year old car sure ain't gonna be the same as the day it left the factory !!!! so even one bhp extra is not gonna be anywhere near factory spec, So watch this space, the only good thing to come out of this is the fact my contact at the ins co sounds like a bit of a petrol head so am still fairly optimistic. PS have added M Performance back box to my Beemer no problems and also a cat back system on a Golf Gti back in the day, yet again no problems. Would be interested to hear any comments.
  9. Hi, and always good to concentrate on the reliability





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