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  1. Love the look of the new front chin. Personally I prefer the car without bumpers and fixing points smoothed over, ...comes from working on classic cars when I was younger and lusting over an MGB GT V8 that had been de-bumpered.
  2. Very nice Martin. Just reading this for the first time and seeing all the pics. Can't beat a good old classic car, ...I do love modern cars tbh but worked for a few years as a Classic Car Restorer so do have a love for the older motors as well. What a rare car to have and enjoy. Look forward to seeing how it progresses more.
  3. Stupid, selfish, "C U Next Thursday's" if you ask me. I'm not worried about getting the Corona Virus (although I am trying my best not to). I'm worried about if I do get it and spread it to someone more vulnerable. The strain this virus is putting on medical services around the world is devastating.
  4. Yep I have to agree. GT Sport was/is really disappointing especially the online side of racing with regards to the SR and DR rating system. Nothing ruins a racing game faster than being penalised when other people do things wrong. My current recommendation if you want something fun with a great range of vehicles, tracks and surfaces to race on is a game called "Wreckfest". I bought it brand new when it first came out last year for less than £40 but it's now available for less than £20! Bargain imho.
  5. Me: Perfectly happy with my car. @Keyser Shows new Audi R8 car that he's bought. Me: Immediately opens new tab with Autotrader in it and starts searching Audi R8's.
  6. Same here. When I went to buy a 350Z originally it was from a place in Barry Ian so you know that's a bit of a drive from where we are. I was going to see this black Zed and the garage knew I was coming down but when I got there they said they were sorry but they had just sold it to someone over the phone who saw it on the internet. Crazy just buying a car like that without even test driving it or seeing it in person imho. Luckily for me they had another Zed which was the gunmetal one I ended up buying so it wasn't a wasted journey in the end but I did kind of prefer the black Zeds colour over the gun metal.
  7. This is my first auto car that I've owned although I have driven some others decades ago but the technology of the auto boxes in the last decade is so much better than it used to be. It is my daily driver so it's great in the little bit of traffic I do see on my way to work but honestly even when I do decide to drive it in a more spirited fashion I really don't miss having a gear stick/clutch pedal. ...And why would I not? Well I grew up watching the fantastic BTCC of the 90's as well as watching Burns, McRae etc in the WRC and all their cars had sequential gearboxes which I always aspired to have one day. I can choose to keep my hands firmly on the steering wheel whilst driving fast and still change gears easily by using the paddle shifters or if I want to use the gear lever like a sequential box pushing backwards and forwards to go up & down the gears. Not to mention my feet are then more free as well to concentrate on just the brake and accelerator pedals without having to jump on a clutch pedal for gear changes.
  8. Just like some others I sold my Zed for a good reason rather than actually wanting to part with it at the time, ...was buying my first house with the Mrs so it had to go for something more practical. I ended up buying an FN2 Honda Civic Type R which for me still had some poke in it but being a hatchback with fold down rear seats was much more capable than the Zed at handling all the stuff I bought for the house from Ikea, trips back & forth to the dump, the move etc etc. As soon as I could though I got something a little quicker again, an Audi S3 which I quickly got bored of being a 4WD yawn fest everywhere I drove it so craving something RWD bought my current car a BMW M135i. The BMW imho is such a great driving car. I did buy the auto model which some might say detracts from being a real drivers car but I think that's rubbish, ...the auto is the faster car, has ridiculously quick gear changes when pushing on and you can use the 8 speed box in so many ways. One example I love is that you can use the gear lever just like a sequential gearbox lever.
  9. Exactly my thoughts @rabbitstew that something like that should be done (implemented). It would have to be government implemented though as a law or an Act as they'd never do it willingly I'm sure.
  10. That's the sad thing though, ...they pray on people. It's a bl**dy disgusting practice. My mother in her 70's didn't know any better and thought because she's being loyal to this company they're giving her the best price around so just renewed each year (also she didn't know about comparison websites). It was only when I spotted an insurance renewal letter and started talking to her about it that I found out the price she was paying. At the time I had my supercharged (436Bhp) Zed and her insurance on a 1.6 Ford Focus was double mine!!
  11. Just had an insurance renewal quotation today which boiled my blood, ...I really just don't get how they can justify the BS prices. Two years ago I joined my current insurer, was around £450 per annum for the first year, ...last year they quoted me around £150 more so I shopped around found a cheaper quote and rang them to cancel. Obviously when I rang to cancel suddenly they were able to drop the premium significantly. So this year I was hoping not to have to faff around looking at quotes etc and to just stay with my current insurer for a 3rd year. Well that's not going to happen as they sent me a renewal price and with fees it is £966 odd. WTF!! Unbelievable. They can go forth and multiply.
  12. Great read Col and congrats. It's looking like a great, well maintained car but then yours always do from what I've seen.
  13. Excellent news @SuperStu and well done @andy james .
  14. @Payco Thank you Martin. Really appreciate that. As you can see I'm not going anywhere regardless of the car I own currently, ...anyway I would never rule out another Zed one day.
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