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  1. Perhaps the plan will be a small amount of people in their own electric vehicle and the majority on electric public transport..... that`ll be good then
  2. I gave you the thumbs up at Kennards house on the a30 mate
  3. https://www.kawasaki.co.uk/en/products/Sport_Tourer/2018/Ninja_H2_SX/overview?Uid=08D7WwxbXwpRWlpeDgxeXFELWgpRCgxQDV4KXV1fUVxdCgw Worth a thought
  4. or keep it for 30 years and it will be worth more than you paid for it
  5. if you cant get down to the dealership yet to back out of the deal it wouldn't hurt to notify them in writing and post it to them. That way they at least know asap.
  6. Treat yer woman like yer kite Get in her 5 times a day and take her to heaven and back..... Classic
  7. Transmission cooler could well be in part of the radiator
  8. Sweet... the yanks do stir the soul
  9. We have a an EcoBoost Focus....The mans version the 1.6 180 BHP Check out the stats it might surprise you. Works well as an everyday car and returns over 41 mpg and its a titanium X sat nav so fully loaded. Not so easy to find at that spec as they were pricey new. Very easy to live with.
  10. Welcome mate. Down in North Cornwall and Newton Abbot means just one thing... Trago
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