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  1. Totally. There is a 15 plate one already at 22k. Saving for another 6 months and then I'll get a used one. Only a few years old.
  2. The salesman said it's because no one buys them and trying to push numbers but still, 31k financed after discounts. There is a 2015 plate for sale with 30k miles and it's going for 22 grand. That's like another 10k in a few years. So I know if I really wanted one I could hang fire a bit until is basically halves in value in 3 years lol.
  3. I feel like if I had like 20k in the bank or maybe even a full year of expenses and car payments I dont think if have cold feet or doubts. That tells me it's probably a security thing. A little gutted bit more relieved. I might wait until end of the year and bank some extra cash if I don't end up going for something else a bit cheaper. I get that that much security might seem excessive but it gives me some comfort now I've thought on it a good bit.
  4. Cold feet I guess. Excited at the time but reality set in. Managed to walk away. Not here for an argument ffs lol always one. Your post actually had no benefit to me ....
  5. What insurance? Would it cover only redundancy? Not about getting sacked or off sick? Also the amount never fully sat well with me (£425 per month)
  6. So, out for dinner last night with friends and we got chatting about finances. He told me a story of his dad where he lost his job through an unexpected illness. Lost the PCP car and only managed to keep his house. They chased him and debt collectors had to settle the negative equity by removing goods. Put the fear into me and me revaluate. I had this "what the hell am I doing financing a 40k car to drive two days a week for fun"? So I cancelled the order and going to save cash and try to get myself one at the 3 year old point instead. Maybe have my eye on a cheaper Z4 again as my previous one was a dream.
  7. Getting rid of the Z4 was one of my regrets. The car was fantastic and made me every journey a complete joy. Go for the straight 6 though. Dont bother with the 4 cyclinders: they're just not as special. Very reliable, no problems out of the few years owning it and the hardtop roof was a gem during the summer. Stunning looks too.
  8. Haha that's the kind of stuff if usually do but she would shoe me into the ground mate if I done that lol. Not worth my life I worried about my Z4 with the devil kids next door. Thankfully they're gone now.
  9. If it were my decision of have it asap but my missus ain't happy about it coming before the wedding so that was the deal :).
  10. Nismo ordered for September delivery . I did get a chance to drive a GT but instantly preferred the Nismo, looks, rigity, seats, noise etc. It made me smile more, sold. Specified September for new plate change over and also a wedding, so didn't want the car to eat up into that money. Can't wait.
  11. So, I got a final offer on it. I said I only wanted to put in £500 rather than 1000 deposit and I was told it wasn't possible. So I decided to leave it (hard sell). Get an email 30 minutes later saying it can be done but nothing else in the deal. So the Nismo is now £31,362 rather than £39,335 list price. now that seems like a bargain. I think I'm going to secure it on Friday.
  12. Yeh that's a fair point. My mates go clubbing and holidays a fair bit but it doesn't interest me. Getting a good shine on the 370z and starting the ignition to empty your mind on a nice drive, ok now you have my attention
  13. I'm just worried I get the base model and regret it. I can afford the difference and wont come until September (I requested this) due to wedding lol. So means I'll bank more cash as savings. Oh man, I'm really stuck lol. Going to see it again on Friday for another test drive I said I can live without a car but I can't; it's in my blood. People say I'm crazy for spending 425 a month on just 'a car'. But to me, they dony get my passion for them. It's something we can't explain. I'm happy even looking at one .... Lol.
  14. Nice one. I'll give him a call. The financed amount exactly is 31,438. So minus my 1000 that's a discount of 7.5k as the list price is 40k.
  15. £36,450 rather than £40k. But there is 1000 from me deposit and 4k from them so the financed amount is £31,450 over 36 months at £427 a month and £18,500 balloon. 3.49 apr Good deal?
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