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  1. Clutch judder

    That’s a very kind offer. I appreciate that. When is good for you?
  2. Clutch judder

    So, over a grand down in a couple of weeks of owenership and now the car is juddering when taking off. Every in 2nd it 3rd at low rpm (1500-2k) it bounces when lightly pressing the accelerator. I’ve never had that before. Almost feels like I’m killing the clutch when taking off despite being carful. Just feels really rough. Many guy says flywheel and it clutch is slipping but fine under heavy load when giving it WOT. Hill starts also replicate the symptom. Mum seriously thinking about selling the car. Costing so much cash and potentially much more.
  3. Squeak when cold & Idle

    Great - thanks for the helpful replies everyone.
  4. Squeak when cold & Idle

    Thanks. My latest service noted the ancillary drive belt was slightly discoloured but fine other than that. Don’t think there are other belts?
  5. So, I’ve noticed a very faint squeak from the engine area but only when cold and ticking over. Doesn’t get louder with increasing RPM. Driven it for 10 minutes to get it hot and the squeak is now gone. Many ideas what it might be?
  6. So, I openly admit I’m not overly clued up and not very hands on (I’m a software developer, that’s a hardware job) Anyway, I have my replacement wing mirror unit, all ready to go and my Tesco socket set, life’s good so far and I’m feeling confident. I proceed to remove the black door trim for the mirror controls first. 4 attempts later, and a totally scratched bit of plastic, it’s finally off. Next, I attempt to undo the remaining bolts and discover the bolts are about 100ft inside the door and need a socket extension (which I had to go buy). I get them out and pull off the door trim from the bottom. All pop out apart from one which snapped off (there’s always one). So I’m like “I can deal with that”. The door trim now on the ground, I can undo the 3 bolts holding on the mirror. Out they come and swap in for the new mirror. The new mirror now won’t sit flush like the old one did. A f*****g hour later I find that it’s the bolts inside the mirror that were sitting right and fixed them after comparing. Door trim back on and snapped another pop clip but back on and all bolts back in. Then then door sounds like @*!# when I close it, I see another bolt on the car mat I had missed. So window control panel back off, this time it wasn’t so easy and ended up snapping the b*****d in half ... FML. Got the bolt back in but this time wouldn’t find thread, just turning. Whole door trim back off but this time the top bolt wouldn’t come out. Yanked it out with pliers (as I’m cross now). Fixed the alignment and door trim back on (3 hours in) and dark now, shivering and freezing with a manky torch between my teeth. Keys in the ignortion and go to adjust my electric mirror ... nothing! .... NOTHING! Door handle trim off again (snapped this time now as well as I’d about turned Into the hulk with rage ). Taken about 30 minutes to get the stupid wire connector undone. And have a look about. Redone it all and door trim back on. Mirror working but now door sounding like @*!# when closing. I’ve given up. Lessons learned .... pay a garage funny thing is, I could do the whole thing now in about 20 minutes. now need some new door trims .... ZMANALEX .... lol.
  7. Craig .... R35 GTR are the running costs as horrific as a lot of people make out? Nitrogen filled tyres, service every 3 miles etc :-p Stunning car.
  8. Fife Meet?

    Perfect. Thanks for the suggestion Benny. Looks like that’s sorted for the 26th . (Now to try and find everyone once there ). I’m looking forward to it.
  9. Fife Meet?

    For Sunday 26th (to try and fit others in): I’m not all sure who’s going? I suggested the Kelpies at Falkirk, however; I don’t think that’s a good fit from what I’m feeling. The Silverburn Centre is even further out. For those of us still wanting to go, can we all reply with our locations again please and I’ll try to find something that’s a fair distance?
  10. Engine mileage

    I believe that Nissan engineers were instructed to build this motor to last 200,000 miles. I wouldn’t worry about millages with these cars. It of course depends on several factors, including how it was driven and has it been properly maintained and oiled.
  11. Too much worry?

    Lol I wouldn’t worry about it (I’m not, and I love to worry). Drive it and if it goes then do it. I don’t think the clutch has to come out though
  12. Fife Meet?

    Nice. How about we do that then? Following weekend and meet at the Nando’s there? Assuming there’s a place to park up? Everyone else who was originally going good with that? This way, potentially get more people attending.
  13. Too much worry?

    Made me laugh about the gear changes lol.
  14. Too much worry?

    Thanks fella. Yeh the concentric slave on the clutch apparently can go at any point. ZMANALEX confirmed this too when we met and I picked up some stuff. There is no warning, the clutch pedal just goes straight to the floor. A recovery job. They’re plastic in stock form, so only a matter of time. But when mine goes I might as well get the clutch and fly done. enjoying it so far. I still laugh at everyone that races up behind me, usually 17 year old lads in their 1.2 eco flex Corsa with their girlfriend (probably sister) in the car.