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    [SOLD]For Sale: 370Z GT Manual £13000

    Sold - thread locked
  2. GMballistic

    350z antenne base

    Try a PM to zmanalex. @ZMANALEX One for you maybe.
  3. GMballistic

    [SOLD]Genuine Invidia Gemini Gasket Set - SOLD

    Sold - thread locked
  4. GMballistic

    Hi from Scotland

    Welcome aboard.
  5. GMballistic

    370Z hydro dipped engine cover

    Just FYI all the seller/Op hasn't been on here since early June so if you still get no responses from them via PM or similar I'd take this as no longer available. @Naildialzed please monitor your for sale adverts otherwise they will be closed/locked. Atb.
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    Sold - thread locked
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    [SOLD](SOLD) MAF Sensor

    Sold - thread locked
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    [SOLD]W92994 Whiteline subframe bushes £80

    Sold - thread locked
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    [SOLD]Chargespeed Rear Bumper - Azure Blue

    Sold - thread locked
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    [SOLD]For sale - Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32gb £200

    Sold - thread locked
  11. Welcome aboard Cocopop. Ask Alex (zman) above for any help as he'll see you right I'm sure.
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    New Member From The Yorkshire Coast

    Welcome aboard John.
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    [SOLD]Samsung S8 + £320 + Postage

    Sold - thread locked
  14. Re: Strut brace price to post ~ you should be able to send that via Parcel Force Express 48HR delivery which would cost you around £12-£15 odd depending on weight (insured value up to £100). Link: https://www.parcelforce.com/sending-parcel/parcel-delivery/two-day-delivery GLWTS.
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    [SOLD][sold] Rear strut brace cover

    Sold - thread locked
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    [SOLD]For Sale - 350z GT w/Rays £6750 - ***SOLD***

    Sold - thread locked
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    [SOLD]19" Concept One Wheels and Tyres

    Sold - thread locked
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    Too many flowerpots with flowers in Hugh blocking your lovely car imho. Lovely reflection shot though, looks well waxed.
  19. GMballistic

    [SOLD]XXR 550 wheels

    Sold - thread locked
  20. GMballistic

    350z rear spoiler

    Same again Stevo. Please confirm this is a collected price and a location for any potential buyers. GLWTS.
  21. GMballistic

    [SOLD]XXR 550 wheels

    I'm sure the price is the collected price but could you please confirm this and also add a rough location for any potential buyers. Thanks and GLWTS.
  22. Sold - thread locked
  23. GMballistic


    Qashqai BBK? Which one did you get then, petrol or diesel? FWD or 4WD? Both my sister and my brother have those and although not my cup of tea they both seem very pleased with theirs (both are FWD but one's petrol and the others a diesel I believe).
  24. GMballistic

    Hello! Potential new owner

    I wouldn't be overly concerned by that tbh and AFAIK it wouldn't indicate anythings wrong with the thermostat. If you're overly concerned by buying this car used it maybe worth getting an RAC/AA or similar inspection done. Around £150 odd I believe. Otherwise just go for it if you're happy with the car after inspection but just make sure you have a warranty on the car from either the garage you buy it from or through the AA etc. Good luck.