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    Newbie near Brighton

    Welcome aboard.
  2. GMballistic

    Edinburgh 350zexy

    Welcome aboard. Those alloys really suit the Zed, Lovely.
  3. GMballistic

    Skyline to 350

    Welcome aboard. Good luck with the Zed hunt.
  4. GMballistic

    Shemima Begum?

    Having taken time to read through this thread in its entirety I feel it necessary to remind members that although healthy discussions are always welcome on here you must please do it with a modicum of decorum. This is obviously an invoking topic that most, including myself, have strong views regarding but it must be remembered that although we may not always agree with another persons thoughts and opinions personal insults against one another is not the way to go about discussing this or putting an opinion across. For the most part though I've read some very reasoned arguments and opinions so please do try to keep it civil everyone. Thank you
  5. GMballistic

    Cheap set of touring wheels

    What a shame. Surprised nobody bought them as spare drift alloys or even winter alloys. Locked for you @350_Jer .
  6. GMballistic

    [SOLD]2016 370z Nismo Exhaust

    Sold - thread locked
  7. GMballistic

    [SOLD]*FS* 370z Nismo 2015+ USA Front Plate holder

    Sold - thread locked
  8. GMballistic

    To DeCAT or not to DeCAT

    When I had my 350Z I did eventually get De-Cats on mine but that was more of a necessity than anything else because mine was supercharged with over 430Bhp so if I had used Sports Cats or normal Cats it wouldn't have taken long before I'd have damaged the insides of them. One big problem with De-Cats is that they're not road legal so will undoubtedly void your car insurance should the worse happen and they find out in the event of a claim. Performance wise imho there isn't a lot of difference between a De-Cat and a good performance Sports Cat. The real difference is always in the price with a good Sports Cat usually being double the cost of a De-Cat which I think is the deciding factor for a lot of people in reality when choosing their mods. Personally I'd say if you can stretch to Sports Cats (HFC's) with your new full exhaust system then do that otherwise just get a good Cat to back exhaust system and talk to the exhaust fabricator about your preferences. They can make sure it is plenty loud enough even with running the OEM Cats.
  9. GMballistic


    Sounds like you're talking about the Bola B1's. Great choice of alloy but then I am biased as that's what I'm running on my BM.
  10. GMballistic

    [SOLD]***Injen 370z exhaust***

    Sold - thread locked
  11. GMballistic


    Don't worry Tom I've got your back fellow BMW driver.
  12. GMballistic

    UK 2003 350Z 61K Miles

    Will lock this down for you then Ian, ...let me know if you ever change your mind. Enjoy.
  13. Sold - thread locked
  14. GMballistic

    Time to go GT-Four

    Very well written advert Col. Best of luck with the sale and hope it goes to another enthusiast who will care & love it just as much as you have.
  15. ...and so the cycle continues.
  16. Just a quick note to all members regarding posting in the correct sub sections whenever possible and in particular the "Forum Help" sub section as a lot of threads have been started in there which really shouldn't have. The "Forum Help" sub section is as the name suggests for help using the forum. As stated in the sub section blurb: "Want to know where to find something, need help using the forum - ask here." If you have any questions or problems related to your cars then please ensure you start any threads in the correct section relating to that vehicle as well as sub section relating to the model/location or type of problem etc. You're much more likely to get a decent response from other members, traders, Mods and Admin that way too. Thank you all.
  17. GMballistic

    Neighbour Stacking Stuff Against My House

    Corrected that for you Andy.
  18. GMballistic

    Lotus Exige vs Dangerous GTR

    Not the first time I've seen an R35 GTR being driven like that.
  19. GMballistic

    370z Berk HFC's

    Lewis hasn't been on here since early January but hopefully he'll respond. @LewisH Can you update this FS thread please.
  20. GMballistic


    It will be my second visit there, ...it's my Dads 70th Birthday so we've got a nice villa booked to celebrate. Only for a week but can't wait.
  21. GMballistic


    I'm actually going to Lanzarote this year so I'll keep an eye out for it as it's not a big Island.
  22. We can but hope Dan.
  23. GMballistic

    Jdm style rear bumper

    As @Konflict89 said the member hasn't been on the forum for a while now, last seen October last year so almost 3 months ago now. For that reason I'll lock this thread unless @HoundDog resurfaces and asks to have it unlocked if he still has the item for sale.
  24. GMballistic

    Greetings from Surrey

    Welcome aboard.