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    New member

    Welcome aboard.
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    [SOLD][SOLD] Motordyne ART Decat Pipes

    Sold - thread locked
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    Welcome to LazyTrips

    Welcome aboard Sasha. Best of luck.
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    Hi from new member

    Welcome aboard.
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    New Member - Aberdeen

    Belated welcome aboard.
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    350z parts spats, boot divider, diffuser +++lots more

    Topics merged to try to save any further confusion.
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    The ....Speedtail.....

    I have a sneaky suspicion that Tea or Coffee might cost me too so I'd say no thanks .
  8. GMballistic

    South Wales garage recommendations

    @daveo132When I used to own my Zed I did take it to Horsham Developments for the more serious jobs (oil gaskets, mapping, charging etc) but for smaller jobs and when it came to my MOT time I always used Pantbach garage in Cardiff. They've since moved to a new unit from when I used them last but just looks even better now from their website. Lee was the owner when I used them and was always happy to help. Link: https://www.pantbachautomotive.co.uk/contact.html
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    The ....Speedtail.....

    Well that sucks, ....I was hoping to get a PCP deal done.
  10. GMballistic

    N555SNN Number Plate

    Andy I have approved this sale for you but could you please add a sale price you're after even if you state "offers accepted" or "O.N.O (or near offer)". Thanks.
  11. GMballistic

    The ....Speedtail.....

    Millionaire spends £1.8million odd on new McLaren Speedtail, ...doesn't even come with a few grands worth of bespoke luggage bags included. Thanks but nope.
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    [SOLD]Jaguar F-Type S

    Sold - thread locked
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    PopZ - My First Rod Build

    Well that's something different, ...can't wait to see what you make of it. Good luck.
  14. GMballistic

    The ....Speedtail.....

    Nope just looks hideous to me I'm afraid. Not sure what they're thinking tbh. Now this I like as it will still look just as good in another 25 years, ..the McLaren F1 (LM version below).
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    [SOLD]Boot mat - free

    Sold - thread locked
  16. GMballistic

    [SOLD]Boot mat - free

    Approved but purely because this is a free item including free delivery or collection F2F. Do let us know though please when it's gone or in the bin so we can close this when done.
  17. GMballistic

    New TG presenters

    Definitely agree with you there JP. I started watching Top Gear with my Dad and it was things like this below which kept me watching... In typical fashion Clarkson and one of his co-hosts (Vicky Butler Henderson) had a specified budget to go out and buy a car each to tune up and race. He chose the SD1 and she chose a Vauxhall Nova (dropped a 2 Ltr red top engine in it). I still do love watching things like that and as TG progressed over the years I continued to enjoy the types of races, challenges etc that the presenters did together. Personally for me they ruined Top Gear when they took on Chris Evans as I can't stand that guy but then started to draw me back in as a viewer as soon as they got rid of him as I enjoyed watching Matt LeBlanc with Chris Harris (& even Rory to an extent). Now with the new line up again being made up of people I dislike I doubt I'll even watch a single episode. To get my car fix nowadays I'll just keep watching "Street Outlaws", "Kindig Customs" and others on Sky as there is much more choice nowadays.
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    You spelt "Tyres" wrong. Nah I'm only joking I know that's how "Toyo" and some of the rest of the world spell it. Free bump.
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    New 350Z owner in Stamford

    Welcome aboard Andy. Looks great in black.
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    [SOLD]350z rear diffuser

    Sold - thread locked