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  1. But the boss said No Thanks It's more about the guy who designed the Ranger and Falcon but the Mustang gets a mention. I found it quite interesting since he left Ford and now designs McClarens.
  2. It used to be the Corvair ... now it's a Tesla
  3. Well done Stu and team ... I was stuck with just PH Oh, and 911uk Oh and MBOC None of which are as good as here
  4. Various but usually Direct Line for my supercar and Yes I'm glad the forum is back online, I've missed you lot
  5. Just the exhaust heat shield ... give it time it'll drop off You can run without it
  6. @The Bounty Bar Kid Your signature requires updating as does mine
  7. You can of course, sell your private plate if you want to by assigning it to someone who is willing to buy it. That will also involve a fee of £80.00.
  8. Oh bollocks ! Such a lovely car ... shame work dictates you have to let it go ... really hope it finds a good home ...
  9. ATTAK Z

    400Z NISMO

    You are right to like it ... I particularly like the headlights with the slash - so aggressive
  10. I haven't used it yet but if my old Jeep is anything to go by, she'll go anywhere.
  11. Ha ha ! Yes, it had no problems at all with the trek onto the grass !
  12. Say Hola to Suzi, a new addition to the fleet
  13. We'll soon have to change the name of the forum if we get any more Porsche owners
  14. Have a look here if you're interested
  15. Went to Thoresby Hall today in the TR: Met a couple of my friends there in their motors:
  16. Good call ... MPS4S grip like hell, last forever and most importantly, they look good
  17. Sapphire Blue is certainly a lovely colour ... here's my mate's Turbo S
  18. That's nice ... good colour ... running costs ? - I'd say reasonable if you know a good indy
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