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  1. Well my TR6 is now up at Bonhams auction ... it's here for anyone who's interested
  2. You are correct about engine types. The HR engine is completely different to the DE and DE rev-up and came out in 2007. An HR engined car has the bonnet bulge. AFAIK, to get a car from DE rev-up to HR is impossible. HTH
  3. I don't claim to know anything about it but No.1 son emailed today ... he works in the Ford design office in Australia. A couple of years ago, one of his team did a quick cartoon of him in his Mustang on the office wipe board :- Today he's prompted AI to develop the design and this is the result:- Now to me, that's AMAZING
  4. Bargain ... should be worth 7 or 8K when rebuilt One of the last Azure Blue cars.
  5. Stick ... but look for a better price (I got 2x235/35R19 + 2x305/30R19 for about £950 inc. VAT & discount earlier this year) (Tyre Leader)
  6. Most on here should get today's quiz
  7. You certainly do - Are you in the UK ?
  8. There were a handful of Zeds at a show I attended today ... this stood out ... all nicely done
  9. Check this out Doogy Your next car ?
  10. Here's a bit of an eye-opener
  11. That looks nice ... do you have a price in mind ? ETA mileage ?
  12. A friend of mine has this Z for sale ... a bit pricey I know, but could be of interest for someone looking for a low mileage 350Z. (Mods please feel free to remove if not allowed)
  13. Something to think about from Ford
  14. They are/were very expensive and were supplied unpainted.
  15. Well done Mods and Admin !
  16. Fresh restoration that will win many prizes this year ... plate is correct for the car, not a show plate
  17. Great car ... fantastic scenery
  18. I wonder what that would be like with 650 bhp 😇
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