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  1. Such a shame to be missing out on this but I've looked at the route and it's two hours for me to even get to the breakfast meet up point (four hours onto the day before the fun even starts). Have a great time and I really do hope to make one next year.
  2. Really keen to go but not ready to commit just yet (sounds a bit like my love life…). Would a friend with a 200SX be welcome if they fancied it? Cheers
  3. My GT4 alloys are 8.5JJ if that helps. Edit: 8.5JJ Rear, 8J Front.
  4. Welcome to the forum! Love the thread about your previous cars, really nice details and the Clío Sport looked lovely. I’m sure with our collective brainpower we can help you find some more excuses for the wife 🤣
  5. @docwra I’m sorry to call you out on this but somebody needs to let you know that you’re being a d**k. Why don’t you let it rest.
  6. I just find it hilarious that my 350Z is the only ULEZ exempt car sat on my driveway 🤣 I take the train into London more often than not though.
  7. Don’t get me wrong, not a fan of Digital ID by any stretch of the imagination. Nor of insurance to be honest, but it would be nice if all road users played by the same rules. Avoid creating such situations you say… by keeping cyclists off the roads…? 🤨 If this country is serious about cycling they should look at the Netherlands, cycling there is a pleasure.
  8. I signed a petition to parliament requiring cyclists to pay tax and have insurance for the benefit of other road users. Not sure if it got anywhere. I do feel quite uncomfortable that a cyclist could damage your car and pedal off without being identified or have no insurance and you’d have to pay out for repairs yourself.
  9. Looks hard as nails. Even has the thousand yard stare.
  10. Exactly this. Unfortunately I feel that the changes to the Highway Code have emboldened them further. Hopefully it will be reviewed when the roads are littered with more dead or injured cyclists.
  11. And what a colour! Enjoy your ownership 🙂
  12. alexgv1


    I think Brembo are quite funny about putting their names on callipers once they’ve been taken apart by a third party so perhaps that’s why. Good luck with the fix 👍
  13. How can I undress them in my head without staring at them 🤨
  14. Hi there! I’m in Ampthill so close by. Haven’t seen you around yet but I’m sure I will!
  15. What a beauty! Nice to see a classic Mustang in the U.K.
  16. It’s a nice direct shift but I’ve gotten used to it now. I think the diff bushings made a bigger difference. Looking at taking care of the paint/bodywork when I have time off in March.
  17. They look nice Christian, how’s the motor coming along? Mine is mostly untouched except a Z1 Motorsports gearbox mount since we spoke.
  18. Thank you for easing my suspense. The two tone looks great on the spoiler, almost a bit chameleon
  19. When did your spoiler disappear bud? That was my favourite part of the build 😄 Well done for getting your car to where you want it. I think the purple wrap would suit the whole car as well.
  20. She looks lovely. Well done for keeping the car on the road, only 76 UK cars made in this colour! You must be happy with the match to the original colour? I was always skeptical about getting any paint work done on mine.
  21. Thanks for the offer but I went with the black Rays nuts in the end.
  22. Hi Matt, I’m nearby in Ampthill. Would you split the stock wheel nuts as I need four to replace my locking ones. Otherwise, do the Rays wheel nuts fit stock wheels? Cheers Alex
  23. Glad I didn’t see this yesterday. Comes in for bonnet dampers and comes out with some big boy manifolds
  24. Love the fitment on those RPF1s, what are the sizes and offsets please?
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