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  1. Beautiful looking black DE drove with me for a little bit Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  2. Ha ha, nah im sure there's mutual love there :-) but seeing two of these together - thats like seeing two unicorns....other than the fact unicorns dont exist and these do but u get my drift lol.. I prob would have crashed trying to stare! *envy :-p... i dont suppose you ever use the A4? Ive seen the same 370 Nismo a few times on the stonebridge island stretch alone but prettu sure its not this guy... Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  3. Outside DS Motorsport between Bulkington and Shilton (Just off M69). Just missed the owner (not sure if he's a member)but car was a beaut! It's so young and already getting new intakes, exhaust and spoiler (check out the DS facebook page)..
  4. Hr Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk Stupid tapatalk, (and user) please ignore this!
  5. 6.50am :o That is currently the time my first alarm goes off! But.... im sure i can make it, itll be worth it
  6. Guys where is building B017? Assuming right at mini island into first car park then left at the green gate and follow it round? If you do decide to all come in with your zeds ill come join... i dont mind the walk! :-) (im in B005 / G04) Regarding a trusty garage, i have only ever used cougar store since i had the zed so havent got any zed work to compare with, however i have had great service every time, friendly and welcoming with great prices, aswell as the fact that they are walking 'Haynes Zed' manuals lol - knowledge and experience is brilliant :-D
  7. Just realised didnt have a pic of the wheels, im rubbish with parts so wont be able to advise what they were hopefully the owner is about lol
  8. At the newish car park 2nd floor mid day today... Really nice, i want the wheels lol!
  9. Absolutely! Tried it for a week (had no choice due to shift), but will never again for as long as i can avoid it. Takes over an hour to start moving turns my 20 min drive home into a 2 hour roll! Lol not to mention the burning clutch, o the pain
  10. Looks like we should have our own 350/370 designated car park at each site, ill put in a change request
  11. Hello buddy, is the xnavi disc still for sale? I have a 57 plate so HR, is this disc is the right version :-) Thanks!
  12. Hmmmmm if memory serves, t'was a '13 plate silver beast ending in YAY - sums it up ha ha...
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