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  1. "Tingler" is a solid description.
  2. Yeah, called it... I don't think it's bad enough to warrant the cable tie method or pulling up the inner sleeve remedies in those links. Other people seem to be suffering with the furniture around the gear stick shaking itself stupid. I'm not getting that. In fact, you wouldn't know there was a vibration if you didn't touch the knob. Ahem.
  3. Normal, apparently. The mechanic came out with me when I dropped it off and could feel it ok but after taking out 2 other Nismos, reported back that, "They all do it, Sir."
  4. Well, it's booked in for inspection next Tuesday. Figured I may as well have a post run-in oil change done at the same time - I shall report back with any findings... I'm not expecting any.
  5. Looking around, it seems some people have it worse, some people experience what I do and some don't have it at all. The fact that anybody doesn't have it suggests it doesn't "need" to be there so dealer it is. Thanks.
  6. Thank you, Strudul. I haven't got the search function to be of much help on this so I appreciate that.
  7. Yeah. Not holding it at all. The vibration is very evident when simply changing gear. It's a very high-frequency buzz. It's like changing gear with a Dremel.
  8. Hey there, I've been running in my new Nismo and have been conscious of a light vibration in the gear stick all the while. It's not noisy or particularly unpleasant and I'd put it down to the close proximity of stick and gearbox and the simple transfer of gearbox harmonics. However, having just completed the running in schedule, I had the chance to really open the taps yesterday. The first thing I noticed is how ballistic the car is when you don't have to change up at 4,000 RPM. The second thing I noticed is just how fierce the vibration is through the gearstick over 5-6k revs. An
  9. 2016 Nismo. Bluetooth for the phone calls, etc. works fine with no dropout. You need the volume maxed out on fast roads but otherwise no issues. However, the Bluetooth audio streaming is useless! It drops out all the time, stutters, fades, you get the idea. To say that it is unusable is an understatement. I'm really disappointed in it, considering my wife has a 2016 Nismo Juke and it's flawless in there. I've no issue using the USB input instead, other than the inconvenience of having to fish out my phone to hook it up and the number of times I've walked away from the car only to have
  10. We've been with GEM for years. I think it's about £90 pa for the two of us and it covers the driver, rather than the vehicle. My wife sorts it every year, so I'm not up on the actual nuances of the policy cover, but it's rather like AutoAid whereby an independent recovery service is sent out and GEM pay the bill. It covers any vehicle, even if you're just unable to continue a journey due to illness, etc. I've been fortunate enough not to have to use it for a long time but I've had no complaints when I've needed to in the past.
  11. I'm 6'4" and 14st and the Nismo Recaros are very comfortable. I wouldn't want to be any wider in the hips though.
  12. Congrats on the purchase. I agonised over PPF when I picked up my Nismo a month or so ago but decided on the stone chip and scratch insurance instead. Neither will stop the paranoia every time something pings off the car though. Doing 5 mile detours to avoid roads that have been lazily resurfaced with those loose chippings is now a thing.
  13. I've seen plenty of horrifying pictures of cuts in the paint being revealed when a wrap is removed.
  14. I've thought about it, for my white Nismo, but I'm a bit scared of the wrapper guy damaging the roof.
  15. I've just part exchanged a 275 Cup-S Megane on the 370Z Nismo and I can say, with some authority, that the Megane is faster point-to-point on the country roads around where I live. It turns in faster, it has grip forever and it's far less unsettled by crappy road surfaces. However, the Z feels faster when accelerating and is much more of an event to drive. The Megane is a very capable and real-world fast car. Take one on at your own risk
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