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  1. Hi guys, Just a quick question and sorry if it's in the wrong place but couldn't locate security/alarms part of the forum. My remote central locking fobs dont work (probably sender unit malfunction) and I am having to lock my car by pressing the inside lock doors button next to the electric windows buttons. Obviously the alarm isnt setting when I do this but my question is whether the immobiliser automatically kicks in when (or shortly after) the doors are locked? I am planning to get it looked at soon but would ike to know for the meantime? Thanks
  2. So .... my step dad changes the battery on my Nissan 370z and 2 days later my fob is now not working I have to use the manual key to get in and have to insert the fob in to the slot by the door to start it up .... I also cant shut the window properly as it goes down whenever I shut the door! Please help someone!! I have tried both key fobs and changed their batteries too to no avail. Many thanks! Mark
  3. Excellent! Im glad I dont have to worry Many thanks Zmanalex !!!
  4. Hi guys, I am replacing the battery on my 370z and was wondering whether I can just do a straight swap? Or would this mess up all the settings for the ECU/SATNAV/radio etc? Many thanks in advance, Mark
  5. It was a wiring harness issue .... all sorted now
  6. Toon Chris: What ear piece do you recommend? Where do you even plug it in? Sorry for the noob questions!
  7. Hi guys, Thought I'd try out the Bluetooth hands-free phone .... connected really well, phoned up people, but ... whilst driving I could hardly make out what they were saying and I had to almost shout to get them to hear me! As a newbie Z owner, is this the experience everyone else has in their 370's with the premium BOSE system? Also, where is the mic I need to speak to hehe? Thanks in advance!
  8. Oh no it wasn't! Failed with same issue 1 week later! Diagnosis continues .....
  9. Hi guys, Can anyone recommend/suggest a company that has dealt with Nissan roofs before (preferably 370z ones) in the Hampshire area? My car is stuck at Nissan main dealer in Southampton and its costing a pretty penny to diagnose the issue with it not opening/shutting. Here's hoping!
  10. Hi guys, I have had a good look in my owners manual for my 2011 370z and done a search on this site but cant seem to find the answers I am looking for. Can you play films via the USB port? If so, what format ... divx/mpeg/avi/mkv? Also, what format do the pictures need to be in to show as images as jpeg doesn't get recognised ;/
  11. Sorry for a noob question but couldn't locate it in my handbook. Anyone know what this button does located behind the passenger seat of my 370z roadster? Many thanks!!
  12. Its good news guys! Took it to Nissan main stealer and their master technician diagnosed the roof being stuck to the frame from lack of lubrication! Easy fix thank goodness!!! Thanks for all the support and suggestions though guys!
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