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  1. It was Gloucester road gearboxes in Bristol. Im not going to chase it now, just glad the car is sorted. One of their vans was following me the other night which was a bit spooky haha
  2. Thank you guys for all the help and work you did to get my Zed working again. I haven't found any other place yet that puts the effort in diagnosing an issue like you do and actually seem to care about doing a fab job. My car had been suffering timing issues and I had various different diagnosis. Nissan stated it was the timing chain!! Jez and Craig came to the rescue and discovered the flywheel had been fitted incorrectly in the past and the crank position senor was faulty... The zed is now feeling great after the flywheel being put in the right position and the full service. Good to meet you both also and I will be back if I keep the zed (babies have a way of making this difficult ). At least I can enjoy it in the sunshine for a few months yet
  3. Been a while, but this has now been resolved so thought I'd let you know what caused it... The eventually wouldn't start and the battery also went dead as it had sat for a while as I tried to decide the best course of action . So I had it transported over to the guys at Horsham Developments. After some deep thinking and investigation on their part they discovered that the flywheel had been fitted incorrectly when I had it changed along with the clutch over 1.5 years ago The crank position sensor had also given up the ghost. (along with a cam sensor needing swapping). The zed has had a full service now also and it runs like new, so nice to be able to enjoy the car once again. I cannot thank Jez and Craig enough at Horsham Developments, those guys are great and listened to my ramblings and made sense of it to get the car back in shape. Can't recommend them enough!! Big thanks guys, I now know where my zed should go for any work
  4. I've been reading about the fault code and many things can cause it! I was going to just get Bank 1 sensor, maybe that is not such a good idea. Maybe replace both sides if they are not that expensive. Are they the inlet CPS?
  5. I'm hoping so Alex í ½í¸ƒ I want the zed back working I miss it í ½í¸‰ The cam position sensors are not too tough to fit are they?
  6. Just took the zed out as now have an OBD2 reader. The car stuttered when leaving my street not long after starting. CEL, VSC and ESP lights where on... Logged P0340 fault code for cam sensor, makes me worried that it could still be a stretched chain Heard people have replaced the sensors and all is fine, maybe worth a shot!
  7. Thanks Alex, now I know I'm not going completely mad. Only a little which I've been told is good I feel like the next course of action is a bit of a lottery on my car, felt an improvement with the new plugs but there is obviously still an issue It seems like it is at it's worst on cold/damp mornings
  8. Am I right in thinking that the left hand bank (bank 2) is the passenger side? Thats the one that had the loose spark plug!
  9. So Bank 2 O2 are the ones after the cat? I'm not sure which ones were flagged now I've ordered an OBDII reader to hopefully be able to read the code, I borrowed the other one for the day and maybe it is not reading all the codes. The other codes that were logged previously were timing issues on both banks.
  10. Thought I'd update as have been down to FCM Motorsport, John is a top guy and can recommend him. He knows jap cars for sure! He doesn't think it is a timing chain issue and believed there was oil getting into the variable valve timing through a leaky gasket. (sorry can't remember exact details as was a while ago!) I have fitted new spark plugs this weekend and in the process found that one was loose on bank 2 (one at the back) to the point where you could turn it with your fingers!! Cleaned the throttle body and MAF while I was in there. Also noticed that there was oil in the spark plug tubes for the back to cylinders. On reading it sounds like a common thing to occur on the VQ35DE and needs gasket and valve seal kit replacing? I thought that the problem may improve now there is no loose spark plugs but it still stutters and runs rough with CEL on. I sometimes get a stutter and CEL is on with ESP and Slip light. Oxygen sensor code has flagged on bank 2 previously however I couldn't see any codes when trying on the weekend. From my understanding an Oxygen sensor could mean that other things are wrong such as a bad coil pack causing issues that the sensor is flagging... Not sure if to get new oxygen sensors next or maybe best to test the coil packs somehow?
  11. Thanks Alex you are a star! I was so gutted getting the news yesterday as I really do not want to get rid of the zed. I'm guilty of not checking the oil recently (not good i know!), the car never has burnt any oil. Although the damn dip stick on the early cars make checking a pain in the arse! Hopefully the sprockets are ok, good to know you have some though I'll phone FCM Motorsport at lunch as I've heard/read good things about them and see what they have to say, they are only down the road from the dealership so it's possible to get the car to them to look at. Feeling a bit more positive about the situation now thanks! Oh and thanks for the advice, I've never had engine issues like this on a car before so am learning the ropes
  12. Thanks for the reply Alex, always good to hear your opinion Agreed about the servicing dealership, although I'm not sure I can really do anything about that as it is my word against theirs and no real proof. I'm going to phone around today and see what people can do regarding the cost. Would it be possible to source the parts through you Alex? It may need variable valve timing sprockets too apparently. They cant be sure until the chain is done. What does worry me though is that there maybe further damage such as piston rings as it could be burning oil. So the Nissan final bill could be even higher!
  13. Thanks guys I am going to give Karman and FCM a cal tomorrow. My car is currently at Nissan Pennywell road, they have identified that the chain has stretched and maybe need some work on variable valve timing. Will see what these guys have to say as Nissan want a lot to fix it! They have been brilliant at pennywell road, will use them again definitely
  14. I thought it was steep too guys but had no reference to cost for a new change etc. It's done 82k and is a 2004 model. Such a shame it's in this state. I was thinking of another car for that price too!! I guess the hardest part is finding a specialist around here, I don't know of any 😜





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