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  1. Hi Will370z I will go back through posts - from memory, I did contact people from here but waiting for a 370z roadster to become available in a scrap yard is pretty slim. MaRkY172 : The roof mech has a major problem, previous owner must have snapped the brackets completely. They tried to repair it, but looks like they made some wrong measurements and gave up. The mechanic I found believes he can repair it - but needs to see one working and access to viewing some parts to take measurements. Nissan, of course, are no help whatsoever.
  2. I wonder if anyone near Aylesbury can let a local garage take a look at your soft top mechanism? I own a 370Z Roadster, however the roof has a problem and parts are near-on impossible to get. The mechanic says he can take a look at a working model, take some measurements, and fabricate the parts. I would be very grateful if someone can help - there'd certainly be a drink in it for you!!!! Wishing and praying, Chris
  3. Yeah it looks that way - I have had a quick look online for a breaker - my hunch is that these cars don't become available often! If anyone knows the best way to search for a soft top, I'm all ears - I have signed up with some online breakers in the past looking for some basic items and never heard anything back... Thanks for your help. Chris
  4. Thank you! Pictures would be great - I opened the top half way, then took pictures of the pivot point (the main bracket). Looking forward to comparing. Chris
  5. Hi again, I have had a couple of people give me their opinion and it seems the whole soft top has been taken out and repaired once before and replaced. A couple of parts each side have been re-fabricated and guess that everything was working fine before. I have some pictures: https://mega.nz/#F!xxFyzQqR!XXx2r2tLG_c_1gqgyoWJRg Forgive my terminology, however it looks like one piston bar has snapped. Also, looks like there's a break at a weak spot at the brackets each side. Today, the top actually nearly completed the process getting to the part where the top is almost all inside the car, then the cover comes down but cannot close. When closed the top, everything seems to work great in reverse however the window falls down quite quickly onto the cover (I'm guess this motion should be quite smooth?). Chris
  6. Hi members! I have been driving 350s and 370s for many years and have just recently taken a chance on a 370z with a soft top issue. I am aware of the horror stories such as not being able to get parts and Nissan only offering the whole top as a replacement costing over £10K There's some broken parts where the thing has been forced, by the looks of it. Also, and can see one piston broken. The whole thing opens up, gets about half way, then the window fails to pull itself down and in. My question is firstly, does anyone have a 370z soft top in Hertfordshire that I can take a look at and compare? Also, anyone know of a good mechanic able to remove broken metal parts and re-fabricate them? Looking forward to any comments!!! Chris





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