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  1. Probably best asking the main stealer, they will answer your question, i would say its yes, because you work for them
  2. Yes you missed it, try not to miss any holidays abroad that you might have booked 🤣
  3. Can't believe that there are so many new members, but very few are interested in meeting up😟
  4. I have pulled my finger out, tickets are now paid for 😉
  5. Hi Adrian, there's definitely no confusion at my end, i think both wing's look dreadful IMO
  6. Hi and welcome from Bristol, nice introduction would be good to see some pics
  7. You might find a ams style wing on eBay 😉
  8. But i don't go to the main dealer, i go to Horsham dev
  9. I would gladly part with this rear wing if i had one, please excuse my humour, it certainly wouldn't be for me.
  10. I haven't heard of a annual perforation check before 🤔
  11. I made a five hr round trip from Bristol, i was expecting to see the ace car park full, very disappointing, nether the less, it was good to catch up with payco, zippy, and the dealer made me do it, loved the colour of Andy's zed.
  12. I paid £2 a ltr for shell v power, it makes me feel sick, most of it is tax 😟
  13. Part time, commission only, I haven't made a penny yet🤣
  14. What a lovely thing to do for your dad, i am sure he will be happy with your choice
  15. I can't do a review its to far of a round trip for me lol
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