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  1. Hi all, After making and selling the well known Tommy Kaira rear badges, im now considering taking the next step. This is something i'd originally wanted to do but decided to go down the basic badge route first as it was quite complicated. Having sold quite a few of these now, i've decided to put the feelers out as to what you guys think about the same badge but LED lit. So the base is the same but the coloured face would now be a red LED that lights up when the brake pedal is pressed. I'm currently in the process of making a prototype but to go further id need to properly get these into production. The LED's would be powered via the tailgate break light...hopefully! So, this is a post to gauge interest as to whether this is something you'd be interested in! Over to you!
  2. Welcome aboard! You'll find all the info you need right here! Lovely car too!
  3. Going to print…then on to the plotter for cutting…and then hopefully off to find a new home on a 350z fuel cap!!
  4. I now have metallic purple, similar to the Cadburys colour.
  5. Welcome aboard mate! Lovely car! Looks like it’s already been modded a fair bit! Hope you enjoy the forum and it’s members, we’re a friendly bunch so any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!
  6. Thanks for the mention buddy! They really do look nice! Especially in the reflective colours! The white really glows!!
  7. I can mate just need to check the template that I have
  8. These stickers are now ready to be shipped and applied to their very own 350z! I decided to expand the existing fuel cap stickers that i already sell and go for a more personalised/quirky feel! These stickers are the same size and shape as the 350z fuel cap so can be applied directly on to the cap. I'm selling these at £14.00 via my Ebay shop but if i can get 10 orders from you guys i can drop these to £12.50 with free postage! Payment can be made via PayPal to noreligionmods@gmail.com. Please use Friends and Family method. Also if there's something that you are after and would like it printed let me know. I'll need at least 10 suggestions to make it cost effective. Over to you!
  9. Awesome! Glad youre happy and thanks for your custom!
  10. Hi bud, let me look into shipping costs etc
  11. Good job, my GT4's are going that way after 9 years so didnt do badly! I'll be choosing black chrome this time around!
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