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  1. Hi all,might be a bit of a strange question but what does everyone think about the best spoiler/wing for a more daily/drift bias build? I like the look of the Nismo v3 style wing, however i didnt know if a more conservative ducktail style spoiler would be better for function and some of them are pretty good looking, i am also looking at getting some other aero to go along with it.thanks
  2. Hi,I have recently fitted an aftermarket clutch pedal which works really well, the old one was sticky and didnt feel right, however in the past few days I have been experiencing a few issues, mainly with the clutch feeling like it isnt engaging properly, like its slipping.After a period of time when driving the car hard the revs rise considerably quicker than my speed when I put my foot to the floor and then will drop back again and begin adding power, it feels like the clutch is slipping (from what I know) however I was unsure if it could be due to not having braided stainless clutch lines meaning I am running into problems with the master cylinder not actually engaging the clutch properly in the first place and giving the sensation that it is slipping as it doesn't seem to be happening all the time like I'd imagine a slipping clutch would.Thanks for any advice in advance
  3. That seems like a good way to go, i would be able to do it in stages then rather than all at once as i do need to set some money aside for a RJM clutch pedal kir as i am having some trouble with the sticky clutch and think it just lets down the feel of the full car
  4. I thought that myself but I dont really want an overly loud exhaust, I made that mistake when fairly driving my gt86 to work (as I do my 350) and there was horrible drone exactly at all the points in the rev range you use for daily driving the stock exhaust is pretty nice, I'd just like it to be a bit louder so I can hear it in the cabin for now
  5. hanks for the info, the miltek might seem like a good option for now, with maybe a Y pipe (any suggestions would be appreciated) and would it be better to have a true dual exhaust from the Y pipe to the tips or a single or somewhere in between? The only other car I have had experience with the exhaust was my Toyota gt86 and that was much different. The only reason I'm trying to keep the noise down for now is that I am currently living at my girlfriends while we sort the mortgage for her new house and cant see her family and the neighbours being too keen on an overly loud car in the early morningbut it shouldn't be too much longer
  6. Hi I will do thanks, sports cats may be a good idea rather than decat, never thought of the MOT and having to change the exhaust back each year, i would probably look at spending 800GBP max for now. A good back box might get me to what i want for now, in the future i am looking at FI so i intend to do headers and other things to accompany this is time. I am looking into getting a CAI/plenum spacer this week and possibly a short shifter however i haven't looked into if this is worth it yet or not
  7. Hi, I have read into a few forums and looked at a few different exhausts. I was just wondering what people thought was the best exhaust system. Personally I am not looking for an obnoxiously loud exhaust as i daily drive the car, ideally i would just like a 25% increase in noise over stock with a deeper exhaust note and as little drone as possible. does anyone have any suggestions on how i can achieve this? Thanks in advance.



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