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  1. Because inevitably if I go FI i will probably also get lower compression internals
  2. Hi, Just come across these long tube headers on both tarmac sports and torquen, was just wondering if the pass emissions as I'm not sure if they remove the cat, and do they bolt straight on to the stock exhaust? Are they even worth it or are stock/aftermarket short header just as good? Thanks
  3. I have been looking over the advice everyone's been giving me over the past few days, I did take my z out in the awful British weather we have had and I have to say that it has given me more of a reason to persevere with the car. I do however have a few more questions. What coilovers would everyone recommend? What other breathing mods, as I only have a JWT popcharger filter, no pipework? What is the best thing to do regarding the intake plenum? And a good exhaust of choice? What cooling mods can I do as the intake seems to get really hot? And or is it even worth doing any of this on a revup car, is there no way i could solve the oil consumption problem such as a catch can (although I havent experienced these oil problems yet and do plan to get forged pistons) As well as this I cant also think of any better looking of a car once I clean it up a bit and add some style
  4. Hahahaha my bad, I was tired typing tyres
  5. i have fairly new falken tires on which should be fine for now
  6. Any suggestions on the best way to make it handle better? because coming from a gt86 this seems to be the biggest letdown for me, as well as throttle response. and for some reason under hardish breaking the car drastically leans to the left
  7. So just build more of a lower hp 'grassroots' drift car and just revisit it when the time seems more right. Also on a completely unrelated note, has anyone here every tried 'AWD drifting', just intrigued as I've seen the odd video but never really heard of anyone doing it
  8. I'm not much into audis due to the 60 40 front bias they have, I like the option to drift, and am I correct in thinking the 135i is 3l turbo?
  9. Because mainly I paid 15k for the car, and then in the year I'd owned it i decided to purchase a house and made the sacrifice of the z, since then I have had multiple upgrades at work and have managed to save while still owning the z (as it was 10k cheaper to buy), so basically at the time the gt86 was an expensive car and expensive to mod to get probably around the same hp the z starts at
  10. Tbh I would prefer to stick with the z, that's just a car that came to mind, I have no doubt the z could hold more power but most people seem to say dont do it The main thing I want is my Z to feel similar to how the 86 did, it just seemed a lot more smooth and fluid, especially with burnouts/drifts as the Z seems to shudder and want to wheel hop and also seems to pull to the left in hard braking (still trying to see what this is)
  11. it's my daily for now, i did plan on eventually building it into a drift car once i had another car, would it just be better to buy a car that already has a turbo from factory? turbo cars seem to be able to be tuned better than NA platforms (i could be wrong in thinking this) i did think of something such as the 2.5l 2006 WRX which i know is slower from factory but can be tuned much easier to get gains (again i could be wrong) however i do prefer the z as far as the looks of a car and have never owned a AWD car so couldnt comment on what they are like to drive in comparison
  12. So if you were to suggest it you would say to prep the car with good driver feel mods and supporting mods to then go FI? As well as maybe some weight reduction, and i have noticed a few people saying the breaks make this noise, i never knew why
  13. Are then any pads and disks you would recommend, my pads are fairly new but for some reason seem to create a very high pitched noise when braking. Would you say i would be wasting my time trying to get to 350bhp area with NA mods to begin with rather than going for FI and also focusing more on the feel of the car
  14. would you suggest replacing the OEM brembo brakes? i have a revup GT, it has 18inch rays with nearly new falken tires (previous owner) in my position what would you do? i have a fairly decent budget for the mods, i do also intend the car to be used on the track/drift days also even after being my daily driver
  15. i havent got much in that respect yet, i have been looking at some coilover but in between moving houses atm so havent got around to ordering them yet. i do have stainless steel brake and clutch lines, RJM pedal, intake and some other things. would you suggest i better put my money into this area to start with to make it a better car to drive generally? the 350 isnt necessarily a slow car, i've just read in some places that its pointless and a waste of money trying to make power NA if you're going to go FI sometime in the future I'm not in the biggest rush to go FI, i just want a car what looks great (or can be made to) and feels as good to drive





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