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  1. Went at the weekend to have my 350Z mapped and can't say a bad word about Abbey Motorsport or Mark. Cars so much better for it and well worth the travelling.
  2. Will be interested to see the gains with this. The last bit of the Exhaust system I wouldn't mind changing.
  3. That's the last thing I'd want to do! Spend enough on it as it is!
  4. It was originally when I first gave it a drive and noticed the issue I thought so may have done it incorrectly then wasnt up to the criteria when I tried again. Either way, glad it's done.
  5. I thought I had done all this however, after my journey to work this morning (30 minute drive) I tried the idle relearn and low and behold it worked and dropped down to a lovely 750rpm. Thank you to everyone for the input, I can restore faith that I didn't break anything but won't go near the throttle body ever again! Haha.
  6. I believe I didn't touch a grub screw? But I'l going to investigate properly another day. It is plausible that I didn't do the relearn properly so I will attempt it again.
  7. I thought it was but just wanted to double check, thank you. Okay, that's good to know. I'm probably just not doing it right then, perseverance it is then!
  8. You mean the EML light right? sorry just want to make sure. As far as I was aware I did it correctly. But I will try again.
  9. Would that be the likely issues now? Seems to operate fine just not at ideal and minimal throttle?
  10. I have attempted it about three times and it always just settles back to 1100rpm. So unless I'm doing it wrong it must be something else?
  11. In my infinite wisdom I decided to clean the Throttle body on the 350 yesterday (VQ35DE) and manually moved the throttle body. Now the car idles at 1100rpm and has the odd creep up to 1700 when I clutch in then settles. Would I be right in saying that I've messed up the throttle body when I manually moved the butterfly? If so I assume I may need a new one? Any info would be great on this, I did the manual reset and the other things regarding it but it always seems to settle back down to 1100rpm (thats when warm) and it's driving me mad.
  12. PM'd you regarding this. Managed a work around ordering by phone just in case anyone else currently has the issue too. Adrian is on the case though.
  13. Most certainly am in the UK Adrian. I'll have a look later when I'm back from work. But will attempt on my mobile too. First time it's ever said that when using things like this in past.
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