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  1. So time passed quickly and we was back out on in the Abbey Motorsport/Steve Jordan Motorcycles Nissan 350Z for Round 2 BRSCC Clubsport Trophy @ Silverstone GP circuit, made some major changes on the car to try to gain some more speed in the car which after the Test day on Friday we had made a good move forward. Saturday arrived and qualifying 60+ cars on the track, Steve started, session quickly stopped due to a car with an opening bonnet.... session shortened so Steve only managed 4 flying laps and Mark managed to find some clear laps and popped a 3.21.4 in to put us in 14th Position. Race Steve started (1st ever car start) kept the car all clean from other car paint , lost a couple of places to cars on the when the 1st safety car was deployed, still racing even thou SC lights were flashing but luckily they was from another class, 2nd Safety car we carried out our driver swap , back out with safety car still deployed, Mark make up a few places on the road and finished 3rd in Class and 11th on the road. RACE 21st MAY.pdf qualifying 21st MAY.pdf
  2. sorry Uprev allows us to remap the stock ECU for better performance allows the throttle repsonse to be sharper in the lower 3 gears. Thanks
  3. 1st race completed last Saturday , I qualified in 21st position only did the minimum laps to quaiify as a driver then got Steve the other driver in the car to get as much time in the car around cars, so we started in 20th due to a car dropping out , I made some good progress to gain 8 places in the 1st lap , managed to get up to 9th place overall (5th in class) then handed over to Steve , Steve dropped back till 11th , was pushing and had a spin , carried on and we finished 13th overall and 5th in class , I flat spotted a rear tyre early on, still need some work on the set up to gain sometime which we will work on before our next meeting on the 21st May @Silverstone GP. Short video attached of the 1st lap of the race attached;
  4. will try to keep this thread updated but yes will keep a flow of info on Instagram as well , also TSL timing is good to keep tabs of us during qualifying and the race.
  5. Its been sometime since we been on this forum , work been very busy and the last 2 years have been stressful. So last year I raced a Motorbike Suzuki Minitwin in the Bemsee Series , but decided as I am getting old and after a few crashes maybe it is time to return to racing 4 wheels , some of you may remember this car from a while ago when it was the @TeamLizard 350Z race car things have changed and we now own the car so after a tidy up and some upgrades we are ready to race again in the BRSCC Clubsport Trophy this year , pairing up with another ex Motorcycle race Steve Jordan. Been testing and happy with our times we are running on the Zestino Gredge 07RS MEDIUM so not a Super sticky tyre like a Dunlop DJ03 running over 45mins with a driver change. You can keep up with our times/race position @ TSL Timing https://www.tsl-timing.com/event/221531 Timetable-Snetterton-16-17-April.pdf
  6. you can buy a conversion loom from a company called Boomslang in the US https://www.boomslang.com/haltech-elite.php they make a loom for your car
  7. No new news I am afraid , with not enough memory space in the Eprom to add the multi map code multi maps on CD700/800 will never be added.
  8. So being a 350Z we can only tune with Uprev Ecutek is only for the 370Z I am afraid; The reason the other tuners cant talk to the ECU is due to the encryption when the Uprev license is load to enable the ECU to be tuned. What your saying is classic HR issue around 1800 to 3000rpm , this is normally the exhaust cam control PID , as these cars get older the exhaust cam control response slows down so cause a stutter like you have said , have you checked hot oil pressure , failing gallery gaskets can also cause the issues as if the gaskets have failed the inlet cam control will be slow again causing issues. I think you need to stay with Uprev tuning, I think this with any issue sorted will provide a very good car. Look into the Oil gallery issues and then someone with a Uprev cable can datalog to see if the exhaust cam control is giving issues. Any questions ask away
  9. We always knew the stock airbox works worked well , very little heat soak issues as well. Stock Its the same car as run under team Lizard (Steve Burke) we posted a few years ago , car is now a car is owned by Abbey Motorsport own. Depends what your using the car for , this being a race car we use the datalogging , ability to have switchable traction control , the ability to turn the ABS with the traction switch maps, different DBW (drive by wire) throttle maps per gears and per traction set up , run the passengers side fuel pump control against G readings G4X has a built in G-sensor, Pit lane speed limiter activation to name a few things. Stock ECU maybe will give the same number but it on a race car we need something a little better.
  10. Been very quiet on here but thought you guys would like to see what we have been working on @ Abbey over the last year or so , car was originally Steve Burkes that we used to help develop and service , due to some issue outside our control the car wasnt used for circ 4 years , we came to a deal with Steve and the car became Abbey Motorsport's minus the excellent Quaife Sequential. So we had a tidy up and fitted a built motor high compression around 13 to 1 , forged rods/pistons/ JWT cams A3505-REVC8 VQ35 Rev-Up C8 272 Deg/.473 cams , PPE Genuine Long tube headers , Motordyne shock wave exhaust with HFC added to keep the car race legal , Link Extreme ECU controlling the fuel/sparks, still running stock throttle body , plenum with plenum spacer and stock airbox and intake tube running on Super fuel 317 hub bhp so almost 360 flywheel BHP 80 bhp gain over a stock DE and 290+ flywheel torque , 3 lines are 60/80 and 100% throttle runs , should be fun.
  11. oil pressure isnt an input into the ECU in a stock car, we have fitted oil pressure sensor to a few cars and have used the oil temp gauge to show oil pressure as well , cans how both at the same time we set up 2 different maps to show either but if you had a blue tooth kit you could view oil pressure on your phone/tablet install.
  12. fuel return kit allows the fuel pressure to rise in relation to boost pressure, So keeping the differential fuel pressure correct so the injector spray pattern is consistent A non return fuel system when used on a FI car the differential fuel pressure drops as the boost rises , the injector spray will start to become in-consistent which can cause issues; Reason for return-less system is cheaper not as man parts and doesn't heat the fuel as nothing is returned. If your going FI a fuel return system is the way to go , people say you don't need it but it is a better way to go in our opinon
  13. Having a tidy up @ Abbey HQ , found a few parts that we are going to pass onto your guys at great deals; Will keep adding to this thread as we find time 1st item is a brand new pair of Motordyne ART pipes for a DE/REV UP 350Z (it is a pair will come with gaskets/bolts on the outlet side uses stock manifold to cat gaskets Looking for £350-00 inc vat + delivery Please email mark@abbeymotorsport.co.uk with any questions no takers , are the items cheap enough? average price for these are £600+ new ,
  14. This could be controlled via Ecutek Race Rom , we can control a relay , so we could use Air flow meter voltage or Injector pulse width to control the relay that controls the fuel pump
  15. Road or Track map? what run 2 types of fuel?
  16. the stuff we have with long tube are all race cars no cats no driven on the road and very aggressive builds I am afraid
  17. The only headers worth fitting are PPE long tube headers with the merge collectors, we tried the HR headers type on the DE they never give much more than 5 to 10 bhp which isn't good for the costs/time.
  18. Hi , Just to confirm we are still tuning 350Z with Uprev software and the 370's with Ecutek @ Abbey Motorsport after we have had a few customers ring and say we have stopped tuning these cars and they need to go to Horsham Developments; For the rest of August and September we are going to be offering Uprev single map tuning on our in house dyno for £360-00 inc vat, extra maps and ARC items will be extra. Nissan 370Z I will work on the deal pricing over the weekend
  19. looking at it that way yes your correct , I have no way to reply on the platforms these allegations are written so thought an open forum would be good but your correct guys it isnt the place. Thanks and stay say guys.
  20. yep got one of those here @ ShAbbey. Send me an Email to mark@abbeyMotorsport.co.uk should have a pick up pipe somewhere will need to have a better look
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