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  1. pretty much - agree makes sense to not create hassle Thanks
  2. £30k on new car - didnt think £8k was overly bad for part X - I paid £12k two years ago so taking retail at £12k and trade at £8k over 2 years seemed as expected. Was thinking along the lines if worth £9k as private sale and get £500-1000 off new one then might be worth it.
  3. I am in the process of purchasing a different vehicle and have been offered a part ex price for my 2010 370z. Before I accept the part ex price, are there any good places to advertise her? I can't do it on here as I have not posted enough questions to qualify for posting a for sale post. If not, I'll just take the part ex price but it would be nice if she went to someone who would really appreciate her.
  4. OK Thanks Alex - appreciate all your help. Regards Paul
  5. Hi Alex My garage has removed the damaged pipe. I have attached the pictures of it. You will see from the pictures that it is bolted on to the compressor and the other end is push fit and links to the pipe coloured blue in the diagram schematic you sent me. The push fit end represents the upper "tail" in the diagram. Any thoughts? Regards Paul
  6. Hi and welcome to a fellow South Wales member
  7. I am looking to replace a damaged air con pipe on my 2010 370Z roadster. It is the top pipe of the two tails that are on the condenser. Nissan say they only supply this pipe if i buy a new condenser as they supply it with it. Cost £680 !!! The original problem was with the condenser itself so i purchased a Mishimoto upgrade replacement. Then found that the pipe i refer to above needs replacing. The company that supplied the upgrade condenser dont supply pipework for air con. I have contacted a few breakers on ebay to see whether they can supply. Anyone know whether i can get thi
  8. Great thanks - will look into it.
  9. Hi All My 2010 370Z convertible has developed an air con issue. Had it checked by air con specialist and the condenser has cracked. Appears that I need new radiator & condensor as these are connected together. Also require new pipe. Rad etc comes in at £650 plus plus. Pipes at £380 plus. Estimate to fix including parts circa £1,600. Anyone got any ideas or know where best to look for non-dealer parts better than these prices. My wife said i don't need the air con - just put the roof down! I like everything to work and
  10. A little late in response as have been a bit busy lately. I had read a lot into the fifth bow problem when trying to sort out the issue i had. Found it wasn't that - simple case of part of wiring got trapped in mechanism and severed the connections. Simple fix but cost was in stripping down and identifying. Better than ECU cost though.
  11. Hi and another welcome. I bought my 370z just under a year ago. Have loved it ever since. Bearing in mind two things 1. i did have a roof problem which dealer said was ECU and wanted £2.5k but after some research and good garage analysis got it fixed for under £1k - this hasnt tarnished the enjoyment i have had with the open top of the car. The second point being that I like you enjoy the top down - i used to have a TVR Chimaera 450 which sounded awesome with the roof off - similar with the 370z - not as loud as it is a V6 and not a V8 but the tune is amazin
  12. Problem started 6 weeks ago when soft top stopped half way through opening. Managed to fully open it manually. Local garage oiled and greased all moving parts in case it was just sticking. Didn't work so as they didn't have the diagnostic equipment they suggested taking it to a garage they recommended. Actually a VAG specialist - put it on their diagnostic and no errors came up but on investigation they found that the fifth bow lock was very stiff. Left it soak overnight in lubricant but didn't solve problem. In position now even after reset that cannot do anything with the roof - it is curren
  13. Hi to All Joined the forum today partly to find out more about the car I recently purchased, partly to connect with other like minded people and partly to solve a current problem. (Convertible roof control module topic post in electronics section of 370z forum.) I used to own a TVR Chimeara 450 which was my boyhood dream. Regretted selling it 3 years ago - recently my Wife saw a 370z convertible on M4 motorway near us in South Wales and sent me a link from autotrader. Spooky thing then happened - following day I just happened to be passing the garage that had the car for sale. C
  14. I have recently bought my 2010 370z GT convertible but it has developed a fault on the convertible roof. Original diagnosis from local garage was fifth bow locking mechanism seized. Ordered a replacement and had it fitted. As still not working properly took car to Nissan. Their system saying that I need to replace the roof control module - cost = £2,500. Has anyone come across this kind of issue before or have any suggestions for me to explore other than having to part with that kind of money. Thanks
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