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  1. Kneaded_His_Chin

    World Cup

    That doesn't say a lot for the ability to search on their network then. Mind you, I saw someone in a Dundee United shirt today and asked them. Despite usually having a view on everything, he didn't have a clue either.
  2. Kneaded_His_Chin

    World Cup

    The next time you see someone in an orange shirt ask them. I bet they'll know. Probably.
  3. Kneaded_His_Chin

    World Cup

    Italy beating England in Italia 90. I don't remember the score, or anything about the game, the only thing I do remember is seeing the England bench and substitutes joining in with the crowd during a Mexican wave. The third-place play-off is really just for the fans of the two nations involved. And, all things considered, I bet if England had won that game in 1990 we'd remember it better now.
  4. Kneaded_His_Chin

    World Cup

    Gutted! I think there were three reasons England lost tonight's game: firstly, the final ball was usually poor; secondly, they didn't get in Croatia's faces as much as they should have; and, thirdly, England just didn't get the big decisions from the officials. The only good thing, on the basis of tonight's performance, is that we don't have to suffer the indignity of losing to the French.
  5. Kneaded_His_Chin

    World Cup

    I entirely agree. And yet it goes on and on. I like it when pundits like Martine Keown say that if he'd done that Alan Shearer would have just laughed at him. And laughed at him hard. I also wish I'd studied Latin at school, as - on the basis of football over the last thirty years - I'd love to know what the Latin for "cheat" is. I'm thinking facetiously that it might be "natural".
  6. Kneaded_His_Chin

    TORQEN appreciation thread

    I'd like to add my bit of appreciation to this thread. Late last Friday afternoon (ie. before the bank holiday weekend) I ordered a few small replacement parts, which I needed fairly quickly. It turned out a couple of the parts were on order with Nissan, but with big thanks to Adrian and George the parts (or very good replacements) arrived with me this morning. I'm really happy with the way this has been sorted - thank you again - and, as I said, I will definitely be buying from you again.
  7. Kneaded_His_Chin

    [SOLD]Invidia gemini exhaust

    There's a PM on its way to you.
  8. Kneaded_His_Chin

    [SOLD]Invidia gemini exhaust

    That's very interesting. Thank you. I need to put my thinking cap on now, but I might be in touch.
  9. Kneaded_His_Chin

    [SOLD]Invidia gemini exhaust

    Are the tips of the exhaust the rolled or single layer type?