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  1. Hi am also after an aftermarket sporty steering wheel for 2006 350z DE UK RHD. Snap-off with required bits ideally. 

  2. Hi I am after a used vented bonnet/hood as I am supercharged and enjoy my summer trips. Mild fading is ok, or 'looks as new'. 

  3. I don't get reply alerts. Are you still interested?
  4. Sorry I am not receiving alerts of replies to my messages. They are available. Are you still looking?
  5. Hi I am not receiving replies thru my emails. Sorry for delay. Yes for sale if interested. I gone supercharged so Horsham put their custom intake on due to the level of airflow.
  6. ajvindiesel


    Hi did you sort yourself some rays. I have my original alloys n tyres off my 2006 350z DE. They are OEM Rays and 3 of the 4 tyres have nearly max tread, the 4thnis a bit low but legal.
  7. Did you sort yourself an intake & plenum? I have the OEM plenum, and takada intake (I think) from my 2006 350z DE. I am supercharged with Horsham so they did a plenum spacer and custom intake so my own plenum and takada intake are available.
  8. Did you sort yourself some struts/shocks? I have some in my garage that were absolutely fine, I simply went lower n got struts n springs upgraded at same time. P.s. to reply to your message should I click on 'quote' or 'add to this topic'? ...not very good at this forum lark
  9. Strange, never got your reply, did you sort yourself a supercharged 350?
  10. Hi, I currently drive the most beautiful 350z DE 2006 model. It is my project car that has never been on a track, never gets driven hard, it's Supercharged with a V3 vortech supercharger about 6 months ago. I am a teacher and it is my destress while my colleagues hit the drink. Near enough £20k spent on extras including a dragon fire red wrap. I wasn't interested in selling for a few years yet until I approach my mid 50s, unless someone falls in love with the car and wants to make a sizeable offer.
  11. OEM 18" Rays off a DE 2006 Rev Up model. Tyres are all pretty much full tread, apart from one which has approx 3mm remaining. (See photo for tyre brand n tread details) £350 for wheel n tyre package. Collection else additional courier postage will be required
  12. RTS performance clutch for sale (only approx 10,000 miles done). £350 plus postage £15 (UK mainland). Best upgrade I bought, big improvement on stock clutch. PLEASE NOTE ACT BOX IS ONLY FOR PACKAGING PURPOSES, CLUTCH FOR SALE IS AN RTS CLUTCH !!!
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