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  1. Hi All I'm in the market for some HFC or standard cats for a DE. Looking for used as I am trying to get the car legal and through an MOT before sale. The current HFC have cracked and are throwing out the readings. Thanks, Sam
  2. samu23

    New car time!

    You're correct no LSD on this one, haven't driven to the point where I feel I'd need one yet. Going to keep it completely standard for 6 to 12 months then when I'm used to the sound start looking at cat bypass etc!
  3. samu23

    New car time!

    2012 C63 Coupe with optional performance pack plus which adds a couple of niceties: - Increase of 30hp over the standard model to 487 - Carbon fibre rear spoiler - Red brake calipers with composite front brakes Only had it a week so haven't really 'pushed on' yet but all that power through the rear wheels certainly makes it exciting. The 6.2 litre N/A V8 sounds amazing as standard, just got to try and avoid modding this one! It's my first automatic (these only come in auto) which I'm still adapting too but the driving experience is much more refined than the Zed, which is to be e
  4. Hi All I will be frequenting the forum much less often now as I have new toy in my life. Having owned my DE Zed for 4.5 years it was time to move on to something new and overall I think it has taken me nearly 18 months to decide what I want! The decision was this: I havent had a chance to get any decent pictures yet but first impressions are that it is epic, and thirsty!! This forum has been great over the past few years helping me spend all my money on mods but save money on easy fixes and how-to's so thanks alot. Will still keep an eye out on the forum, just muc
  5. I'm in Worthing, West Sussex, so quite far by the looks of it
  6. Mods, can this be moved to 350z parts for sale? I put it up for sale in the wrong forum!
  7. Hi All Few parts for sale, both are brand new in box and never fitted, purchased from Torqen a few months ago. 350z Motordyne Plenum Spacer Basic 350z 5/16" plenum spacer as per the following link: http://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/engine/plenum-spacers/264-350z-de-motordyne-engineering-516-basic-plenum-spacer-md-ps-b.html £150+postage 350z Torqen Undertray 350z Torqen Undertray per this link: http://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/body-styling/exterior/1663-350z-torqen-undertrays-trq-ut350.html £130+postage http://s984.photobucket.com/user/samuwins/
  8. Wow, pollsters and bookies got it wrong again. Democracy doing its thing, next few hours, days and months are going to be turbulent.
  9. Looks great, could you pm me a rough price or post up here?
  10. Cracking price for a car with some awesome mods, glwts!
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