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New Z confirmed by Nissan


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4 hours ago, Lee370Z said:

I hope not :cry: because I like manual gearboxes too much! B)


I hope this new Z gets offered with a manual gearbox for sure. :cloud9:


The new Supra also makes me sad because it is auto only! :bang:


Can you tell yet that I'm a big fan of three pedals and a stick! :lol:

should be offered in manual i find rear wheel drive paddle shift a bit off except on the M3 E92. 


That thing sounds crazy with a Meisterschaft GTC. 


Someone actually did a manual conversion wonder how much it cost


This where Nissan can capitalise. Slightly more power, manual, possible twin turbo, fully Japanese potentially unless an auto gear box comes from Mercedes. Potential is there

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56 minutes ago, GranTurismoEra said:

 I hope its not as fat as this. Hell no to Merc grill


Hope its slimmer like the 240Z. This looks like F type, Mondeo and Aston V8 all in one.


Hope the Autoguide render is the closest with some alterations






Really don't go much on that, not for me:thumbdown:

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Render from Japanese mag. If anything that looks like a Nismo or Nismo parts with the vents. The rear lights im not sure but its possible with the new LEDS. I dont mind some 300ZX design at the back. I think clear glass at the back with those lights would be cool.


The Rims not sure why theyd render the current wheels. Hope Nissan come up with better designs leaning towards Judd and rohana designs. Im sure rays can do something good



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I'm more interested in the interior. Hopefully theyll keep it clean and simple. Im sure another teaser will be shown in the next few months.


I think they will use better materials judging by the other models. Since the Z doesn't look anything like their signature cars might be given a plusher and more stylish interior. 


Unfortunately its a guarantee looks wont impress everybody. Either way lets see what the specs are and full reveal

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Apparently according to post I saw on another forum pre-production test cars start production in Arizona from end of September. Theyve been using a 370Z as a shell and a Supra as benchmark. Im sure as time goes on theyll have other cars to run against. So camo cars will probably be around from Winter/Spring next year.


Id like them to test against other cars like TTRS and M2 Competition. TTRS being the fastest in this segment to 60. 


If they do produce a Nismo that will be the benchmark for sure


That GuillamleRouge guy also rendered the interior below. Which he admitted was just a project before the teaser was revealed


I think this blue render is the closest due to the bonnet, rear end and roof lines



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Over a year from launch still? Honest, I’m still having my doubts we’ll see this, that’s a long time in motoring and if it is just a rebodied 370Z then it’s not going to set the world on fire either. 

Genuine question, but is there even a proper market for this car? Thinking of the competition and how poorly (in comparison) the 370 sold. Nissan could still pull the plug if reception is poor and just claim it was another concept. 

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Same could be said about the Supra with just over 2800 sold in US. Toyota decided they will end Production in 2025 with a GRMN version using the M3/M4 Engine apparently. (3600 cars sold in 2019 US and EU). The car came out mid 2019. Projected sales for 2020 are around 4,000+ US and EU combined accounting for decreased interest. 2021 car gets a power hike in US to 410hp when dynoed by indies.


This particular Z will only be in Production for 4-5 Years. Its not a long term model. Its also not expected to do large volume sales. 


3600 Supras not including Asia, Middle East etc is good for todays market. Considering expense and engine capacity. 3 liters compared to the successful mx5 2.0 and 1.5.


Also Only £250 million has been invested according to insiders so its not a totally new car until Electrification. 


The money from sales of SUVS and Electric vehicles somewhere around 66,000 annually per SUV I guess thats where the money comes from to keep pumping out the goodies.


Oh and EU is only buying a few 100 supras here and there. US market is the bulk of sales. A chance for Nissan to get in on that market. They want to attract younger buyers and improve their image. Thats why they are pushing ahead with this car. Price is expected to be lower than the Supra.


Also its one guys project literally. Whos been advocating since 2016 several times rejected, several business cases. The compromise is a heavy facelift or nothing. Nissan need a halo car to generate renewed interest in the brand


Critical reception should be good judging by US forums. They are eager. The A to Z teaser got over 1.4 million views with most comments mentioning the Z.


Nissan are giving themselves maximum time on a tried and tested platform, but ill look into why they are revealing models 15 months from release. 

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