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  1. richyrich

    Rain sensor not working and no intermittent wipe

    At last I've managed to find the problem and tested it in light drizzle and light rain. The sensor needs to be stuck up against the glass. I bought a lens from eBay that has a sticky type of substance on it, fitted that to the sensor and now it works - even the sensitivity control works. Rich
  2. richyrich

    Rain sensor not working and no intermittent wipe

    No replies from anyone - I give up on this now. Gonna sell the car - get one with working intermittent wipers! rich
  3. richyrich

    Rain sensor not working and no intermittent wipe

    Does anybody have any information about calibration of the rain sensor? I've replaced the sensor but not sure if it works ok. Came across something that said calibration needed after disconnection!!! rich
  4. richyrich

    Rain sensor not working and no intermittent wipe

    Not sure - you can see it in the windscreen from outside though - just above the rear view mirror rich
  5. richyrich

    Rain sensor not working and no intermittent wipe

    Got a new one on order for 20 pounds. Let you know how I get on. I personally think that as my car sits in the sunshine all the while (I know I know) that the electronics get cooked and deteriate after a while. rich
  6. richyrich

    Rain sensor not working and no intermittent wipe

    Ok - I got the cover off, just pull the header trim out a bit, - got the sensor out - clips on the side. opened it up to look at electronics (just unclips) , and found no solder around 2 of the pins from the socket (maybe soldered on the other side methinks but it don't work anyway) so I soldered 2 that looked as though they should be soldered and guess what ----- still don't work!!! I need a working one to try - I'm betting it's an arm and a leg to buy one. it may even be a broken/dodgy wire in the loom. any ideas where to get one anyway apart from Nissan? rich
  7. richyrich

    Rain sensor not working and no intermittent wipe

    Hi Ekona, it was replaced ages ago. I don't use the car very often (6 yrs old and only 21052 miles on the clock) so never bothered with it. If I can just get the plastic cover off without damaging it I'm sure I can fix it, it works when I'm fiddling around trying to get the cover off. rich
  8. I know this has been raised before. I don't think mine has worked since I had the windscreen replaced. Has anybody found success in fixing it? When I fiddle about with the inside cover it seems to work now and again which suggests to me that maybe the sensor isn't plugged in correctly, but how do you get that cover off completely without breaking it? It drives me mad when driving around in light drizzle rich
  9. richyrich

    I made a video on changing 370z front pads

    Couple of things I'd like to add - 1. Don't use the trolley jack on anything other than a solid smooth surface - or put something underneath so the trolley wheels can move. I have seen damage done to cars where this basic principle is not considered. 2. Most important in my mind - never push the pistons in so that the brake fluid is pushed back into the abs block. I always bleed the fluid out as I push the piston in, on any modern car. Hope this helps rich
  10. richyrich

    Headlight failure

    Easy enough to change yourself but you need to jack up car, take off wheel and loosen off or remove wheel arch trim. Not cheap either - about 60 quid I think. Carried a spare with me whilst driving abroad and made sure I knew how to change it just in case. Rich
  11. richyrich

    370z Mpg...

    As I've said before - 50 smiles/galloní ½í¸€ Sometimes more if the sun is shining and the roof is downí ½í¸€í ½í¸€í ½í¸€
  12. Saw some great cars today - obviously I reckon the 350 and 370 are best. Every time I go to an event tho I notice that nobody, not nobody, can walk by a GTR without a serious look, even an unmodified one looks fantastic ( my favourite if I could afford it). I once heard a comment from a really enthusiastic BMW driver at the Nurburgring that it looked like a stealth machine - a Matt black GTR doing some sort of testing at the track, he loved it. Rich
  13. richyrich

    370z headlight delay

    Guys, After switching off engine, pull light switch up as if to put full beam on, and dipped beam will stay on for 30 seconds. This will work for up to 2 mins after turning engine off. It says it in the manual, and it works on my Rosie! Gives you a chance to get to the front door eh Rich
  14. richyrich

    Cobra full cat back system fitted today to my Rosie

    Will try to do one next week - but it'll be much the same as the ones on YouTube.Mine will only be a sound sitting on the driveway with me revving the engine! You need to hear it in person to really get the full effect, Believe me, it sounds great without being stupid - if you know what I mean. I only never got it done before because of the cost and virtually chucking away what was a new exhaust when I bought the car in 2011. I can honestly say that I am well pleased with the result í ½í¸€ Rich
  15. Got the full cat back system fitted today - love the sound. The sound with roof down at 70mph is hardly noticeable - the rest of the time it is 😀😀 Supplied by cougar store to my local garage and fitted in no time at all. Still got the OEM system in the garage in case - anyone interested in buying? Rich