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  1. may be on newer models then, how strange...
  2. Hey guys, so I found this further down and decided to make a video on it. I hope you can all give it some feedback. Thanks very much in advance guys Jon
  3. Who wants to diagnose this?

    Thanks for the tip, at this point ill try anything
  4. Who wants to diagnose this?

    done this , rotor/disc off.... found nothing.... just really grinding my gears might be exhaust related but the amount of surface corrosion on it now, may aswell get a new exhaust haha
  5. Who wants to diagnose this?

    So were looking at the rear right of the car, ive had that brake caliper and rotor off, maybe its a stone in the exhaust?
  6. Possibly warped rotor and what the **** is that stone noise? https://youtu.be/1VCJC0-jyJk Cheers everyone
  7. Here's A Video just incase your window drops when opening the door but doesn't retract back up Love your friendly neighbourhood Jon
  8. I made a video on changing 370z front pads

    Ahh bollocks, sorry for not putting it in the right place, thanks for that pal
  9. Hey everyone, I posted a video on youtube about how to change the front pads of the sport package brakes... If anyone wants to check it out and leave feedback that would be amazing... Thanks in advance guys!!! Much Love Jon