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  1. 90% sure before you put your name down is far better than 100% on the list and then don’t turn up. Hope you can make it mate.
  2. 1. andy James Paid 2. Andrew_Muxlow Paid. 3.martin harry Paid 4. Callum Stocker Paid 5. SHEZZA Paid 6. Azurez33 paid 7. Justthejedi paid 8. Monkey1983 - Paid 9. 350_Jer - Paid 10. Humpy - Paid 11. Jam1 - Paid 12. Dannyg - Paid 13. SH23 - Paid 14. RoadHog - Paid 15. HXD - Paid 16. gnarly - Paid 17. Defacake - Paid - 10:15 track time 18. Retromonkey - Paid 19. MicktZZZ - Paid - Track 1300 20. TommZ - Paid 21. ShortPaul - Paid 22. StormtrooperZ - Paid 23. JWMarsden - Paid 24. G1dm4n - Paid - Track 0915 25. 14N - Paid 26. Staffs_350 Paid
  3. 1. Andy James (350Z) PAID 2. Payco (510) PAID 3. ShortPaul (370Z) PAID 4. nismoandy (350z) PAID 5. L. Schwier (370Z) PAID 6. S. Killick (370Z) PAID 7. Olly350z (370z) 8. Azurez33 (350z)PAID 9. Cals_350z (350z) 10. Humpy ( 370Z ) - PAID 11. Flashback (350Z) PAID 12. Archtects (370z) - PAID
  4. Welcome along mate and look forward to seeing you at Beaulieu. Your not alone liking RS Clio’s as Humpy said. I currently own Trophy #151 and a racing Blue 182 ff.
  5. Gardening my arse! Thats car porn with a very nice garden as a backdrop..
  6. I have to provide the venue with our final numbers 2 weeks prior to the show.
  7. Club stand ticket deadline extended to the 22nd June.
  8. Keep buying those tickets guys. Hopefully I will be able to go back to the event organisers with the minimum 10 car stand. This a cracking show and if you haven’t been before it’s probably one of the most picturesque car museums in the UK. I found this photo from 2016 where we had so many cars in attendance that we had the prime spot on the lawn under the monorail.
  9. 1. andy James (350Z) PAID 2. Payco (510) 3. ShortPaul (370Z) 4. nismoandy (350z) PAID 5. L. Schwier (370Z) PAID 6. S. Killick (370Z) PAID 7. Olly350z (370z) 8. Azurez33 (350z) 9. Cals_350z (350z) 10. Humpy ( 370Z ) 11. Azurez33 (350z) 12. Flashback (350Z) PAID
  10. The Ace Cafe meet that Martin kindly organised last weekend has yet again shown up a trend where members are putting their name down for an event with maybe limited numbers and not turning up. Life can throw all of us a curve ball at times but there is no excuse for not messaging an event organiser if you cannot attend which could deny someone else the chance to display their pride and joy. I have discussed this issue with the team and we all agree things need to change otherwise we will lose the enthusiasm and dedication of our event organisers and also the venues who rely on our support for revenue etc. Moving forward can all members only add their name to the list if they are 100% committed to attend and not just reserving a slot. We don’t want to go down the road of penalising etc but this must stop! Everyone needs to remember this club is run by enthusiasts who give up part of their busy life for free to keep this great place going so don’t take it for granted.
  11. 1. andy James (350Z) PAID 2. Payco (510) 3. ShortPaul (370Z) 4. nismoandy (350z) 5. L. Schwier (370Z) PAID 6. S. Killick (370Z) PAID 7. Olly350z (370z) 8. Azurez33 (350z) 9. Cals_350z (350z) 10. Humpy ( 370Z ) 11. Azurez33 (350z) Didn’t want you thinking I hadn’t paid. Everyone on the list paid for a ticket?
  12. Well said guys. Members need to remember that any event organised on this forum takes many hours of unpaid time which the only reward is seeing the cars and owners getting together. Please think seriously before adding your name to a list for any meet, and once done make a commitment to the forum when you do. I know we have had the pandemic to deal with but many previous shows/venues have fallen off the calendar over the past couple of years due to a lack of interest which is a shame.
  13. Hope that works Glen. I replaced the units but the light stayed on. Crash data removal on the module was the only way it worked for me.
  14. Hi Glen. Hope the rebuild is going well. When I had my little off a few years ago several air bags went off. I sent the module off to have the crash data erased and replaced the units that had detonated. Its in the center console behind the hand brake lever. Cost is about £70 or less with the many online companies.
  15. Looking spot on mate. Hoping to see you at Ace.
  16. Fingers crossed for my MOT this week but planning to drive up the M3, M25 and then crawl the rest of the way to Ace!
  17. My brother bought an AMG SL 63 last year. He likes looking at it……….
  18. Numbers growing nicely guys. This show is a cracker! Great viewing of the track action from the banks.
  19. I will tell you what I think Phil. Bloody amazing skills and dedication to this project which is probably the best build thread this forum has witnessed for many a year. We are are all so looking forward to seeing this car finished. Keep going chap.
  20. I agree with Alex. Read this very carefully and hopefully it will work. https://h-dev.co.uk/350z-reset-proceedure-pedal-dance/
  21. Looks like your fettling the old girl for a trip…
  22. Really like the mini Gay wing! She is such a cool looking car Martin.
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