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  1. Yep although I have no hair and I'm now just spending the day inside watching the Robbie Margot Harley Quinn movies.
  2. Washed and waxed, ready for winter. Started spitting just as I finished.
  3. Sorry for the late reply, going ahead without warranty.
  4. It's okay. I would just be at home alone with my cat, drinking and eating all day, so better she can spend it with her family.
  5. Haven't had a Christmas present in 5 years so an easy day at work would be nice🤞🏽. First time I'll be working Christmas day. Decided to give my member of staff the day off. She's got 2 daughters and a grandchild. Doesn't make a difference to me.
  6. I shouted out in happiness at that. I was hoping that both Mercedes had gone out tbh.
  7. I'm not sending you photos of me in the shower again, first of all you ridiculed me and secondly you never fully paid for those extra special shots!
  8. Having recently (last month) done Snowdon, kudos on doing that with all that weight. I don't exercise, at all, and 7kg of camera gear on my back was too much for me 🤣. I went up the Pyg and done the Miners. Really wanted to try Crib Goch, but glad I didn't. If I went back, I'd do it without any extra gear and make sure I trained beforehand.
  9. I'm sure Kaizer is also very close. https://kaizermotor.co.uk/
  10. Had that on the 350z but I'd never do that to Carla. I will be getting the cargraphics exhaust valve control unit.
  11. The new motorbike is quieter than his old one and smaller engines too. Same with the new car, is a VW up GTi. Ferrari came along after all this crap started. When I was playing nice, I'd drive off straight away, but now I'm letting it settle after 30 seconds, and when it goes quiet I then drive off.
  12. His last job was working as a pilot for Qatar airways. They paid for his accomodation in Qatar and money to cover home costs in the UK. Therefore he just had to pay very little for his home in the UK. He was overall making a decent profit excluding his actual wage. He's just been living off his savings, has been able to buy a brand new car and brand new motorbike. Oh and he has a flat around the corner that he rents out. Anyways I'm over trying to keep the peace and I have decided it's not my fault he likes to stay up late and wake up late playing computer games. Just shift your day a few hours earlier and you won't get annoyed.
  13. So an update on what's been going on. In April I suddenly thought why am I tip toeing around him. He still isn't working so I'm going to start my car, let the revs go down after 30 seconds and then drive off. Then in May on a lovely Saturday morning, I was washing my car. I started the pressure washer at 8.36am (looked back at my CCTV). At about 9.30am he came outside and started saying to me that do I not think it's too early to wash my car and that every day I make noise. (I was leaving for work at 8.30am). I said to him that I'd spoken to all the other neighbours and they were fine as they're all awake by that time. I then said to him that I'm tired of tip toeing around him and that's when he accused me of being selfish and narcissistic. He said next time he'll knock me out! 🤣 For the last few years, I've organised a street BBQ and this year he said he couldn't come. I noticed that he left his house about 10mins before it started, probably to go walk to his sister's house, and then returned about 20mins after the BBQ ended, obviously checking his CCTV 🤣. Just avoiding me at all costs. Anyways it's now September and he's probably only worked about 4 weeks in total. I think the last time he did was in June. I'm not going to do anything different as it's just him that seems to be affected. All that chat about when I'll be flying late afternoon I have to regulate my sleep bull. Really looking forward to next week where I'll be leaving home at 7am not 8.30am as I've got to travel for training. Let's see what happens after that. I'm expecting him to come out moaning again.
  14. Just read this: https://www.radiotimes.com/tv/entertainment/top-gear-dismantled-flintoff-crash-newsupdate/ Looks like they might permanently cancel it, shame. I know it's not as good as it used to be but it was motoring news.
  15. Just to give some context - on some pirelli tyres, I could go round a particular corner near me at 50mph. But with Goodyear eagle f1s I could do 70mph. Gave me so much more confidence, grip and twitched less. Felt planted. Tyre cost difference at the time was £20 a corner, so I'd say same price category.
  16. My opinion would be anyone who is confident in pushing their car to it's limits. I know I've tried different tyres before and the difference is night and day with some.
  17. Gold standard is the Michelin pilot sport 5s. That's what you asked for. Money no object best you can get. Then start reading about what others have suggested for value etc.
  18. I'll definitely be in the cinema to watch that with my box of tissues 😍
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