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  1. Oh I like that, thanks! Clever stuff... I'll take another like that at the end of the month when the roof turns red!
  2. Haha yes, that was taken at work this morning, the prime spot which only early birds get. Get right onto the yellow line, leaving room next door on the left to keep anyone who parks there at arm's length. Thing is, with only 20 or so spaces currently used out of what must be 400 available in our own car park, there's plenty of room for socially distanced parking! 😄 I'm actually amazed I got the car so straight reversing in just using the camera!
  3. i just wish that Nissan had carried that rear wing forward onto the V2.
  4. No more clear glass rear window - 100% improvement I think with 15% "light in" tint film. Thanks to Tint Shack, Horley, Surrey for a first class job. Before and after...
  5. Welcome along, hope you find what you're looking for and at the right price.
  6. Welcome along, that looks very clean and tidy.
  7. I do like the RAYS wheels on mine, but given the choice would prefer yours!
  8. Welcome along - can you get any speed up on Skye?
  9. Getting out for a lap or three...
  10. My BMW 540i Sport in Nurburg, Germany, in June 2019
  11. No, same size unit but has multi function.
  12. P1 service at Abbey a few weeks back.
  13. Well, it's been a year now so I guess you're enjoying it!
  14. Yours is the second one I've seen (in photos) and I think it looks great. I've had a quote of £250 from a local wrapping company to do it. Do you have a few more photos of it that you'd mind putting up here, or PM to me? Also interested to see how they finished yours into the gutters each side. I'm also getting the hatch window heavily tinted. Thanks.
  15. "German Efficiency" - I like it already!
  16. Okay, will look at S20 as a possible alternative - is that a brand?
  17. No, it's nothing like that thankfully - it's so very faintly noticeable brushing along it gently with a finger, although that might be what you mean. I'll go down the treatment route of the G3 first, as suggested by Jack above, then move on to your suggestion of DA polishing if necessary.
  18. Welcome along, hope all goes well with the viewing and test drive.
  19. Thanks Jack, I'll take a look at the G3 stuff. The reviews are promising.
  20. I've discovered a very light scratch, about 30cm long, in the paint on the nearside rear wheel arch/wing, above the wheel. It can only be seen at certain angles and in varying light conditions, but it's there and needs to be corrected. It's not a deep gouge, it can only be slightly felt when lightly dragging your finger over it. Being wary of the nature of this paint finish, what's the best way to try to remove it? I've tried some bog standard AG Resin Polish, which has slightly diminished its appearance, so I know it'll probably now require some cutting compound. Any g
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