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  1. I might talk to the guys who wrapped my roof about this. Is it a particular type of clear film for headlight lenses?
  2. Bit late to the party here, but on the subject of headlight restoration I was told a few weeks back that Solvol Autosol metal polish works a treat. My Z's headlights don't need it, but our Aygo did - it was getting misty around the edges so I thought I'd try it out. Result? A pretty much perfect restoration, topped off with some 303 for future protection.
  3. The 6th November is now on the horizon, sort of... Did anyone else apply to Goodwood for track display?
  4. IMPORTANT - PLEASE NOTE: I have been made aware this week that post 1990 vehicles are now not welcome at this meet and are being encouraged not to turn up - long story and has upset a lot of modern classic owners who used to attend. So the 350s and 370s not welcome, but you're ok with the 240, 260, 280 etc.
  5. Popped along to the Edenbridge (Kent) show earlier for a couple of hours. Saw this rather nice SSS on display and I'm certain I've seen it before somewhere! 😉 Good to see you again Martin...
  6. Mileage is climbing, nearly 5,000 miles covered since I bought my Z in February 2021.
  7. I was in a VW showroom this week looking at an UP! GTI to replace our C1. I went along in the Z and of course that started some banter about them with the sales guy. He reckoned that in a few years, approaching the ban on selling new petrol/diesel vehicles in 2030, the value of all performance/ specialist / rare cars will start to rise again.
  8. Next one, Saturday 17th September Billed as a "classic" meet for pre-90s vehicles, but there is mostly a mix of old and newish. Well organised with tea/coffee/breakfast/loos available as well. Bletchingley Arms, Nr Redhill, Surrey, RH6 4PE 09:00 - 11:30
  9. Welcome along, the Nismo V1 looks great with the wing on the back. I only wish it was carried forward onto my V2! What's the grand looking building (castle?) in the background on the first photo?
  10. The higher the mileage, then yes potentially some reliability issues with stuff wearing out. Same as with any vehicle and reflected in the price hopefully. But with a complete and consistent service history, I wouldn't necessarily hesitate to buy a high miler.
  11. Are there meets down your way on the occasional weekends Martin?
  12. Deffinately worth a visit, only about 9 miles from me. I can do Mondays but what's it like on the weekends? Is it a case of get there early in case it's rammed, or maybe in the last hour or so as it empties out?
  13. From a visual perspective, I'd have the ToyBimmer Supra. 🙂
  14. Just for fun I enter my Z's reg into WBAC every week or so. It fluctuates wildly and today's valuation, with one minor wheel scuff and a few small stone marks on the front declared, along with current mileage, was £23,250. That's just £250 less than I paid for it 18 months ago.
  15. I think that member @Willsy1980 here has done that sort of thing to his engine bay - Nut, bolt, fastener dress up. Give him a shout.
  16. Welcome along, lovely colour and in very good nick by the looks of it. Up near Gatwick, so not far away from you at all. There's a few of us in this part of the south east.
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