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Suzanne the LS3 6.2 V8! Caution very long build thread....


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Coming to Coventry then? :teeth:


My name is down but up until this weekend I thought it might be touch and go, so I'm fairly confident now it's on!


Chris, you know exactly what it'll be like :lol: even at zero miles an hour its epic!


Cheers Jim, it has been a while and me and Chris were saying today, had there been no other life events this is a 4-5 month job. I said also to Chris this weekend, you can get a V10 LS! Oh my oh my :lol:



Awesome the progress has been good.

Get the MOT and enjoy the beast :teeth:


It has to be fair, and considering the obstacles encountered we can actually say...... WE DONE IT! :clap:

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OK guys forget your superchargers forget your turbos and your twin turbos




I’m sure Wasso won’t mind me spilling the beans, took her in for MOT today and she passed :thumbs:


I just took her for a drive and wow, the noise the acceleration and the torque Mmmm the torque it is in a word awesome !!!!

She is road legal now and I recon Wasso should be smiling this summer :)


Got a few little bits to do and plenty can be tweaked and improved upon but apart from the overly sensitive throttle she is GREAT!


I’ll let Wasso fill in the blanks (when he stops test driving her) it may have taken us some time but I think the end result was worth the wait.


Hats off to Wasso for sticking with the build we have had some problems to overcome and when we could not get the clutch setup at all and 3 slave cylinders imported from America later we were close to giving up but he stuck with it and we got there in the end.



So we have the first road legal LS3 powered V8 350z on the forum :thumbs: Welcome Suzzane.

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Erm yeah, it's a BLOODY ANIMAL! :scare:


I think I actually need a stiff drink! No wonder the yanks love a V8. The power no matter which gear you're in is phenomenal, backed up by the orchestra just reconfirms where you're sat!


Think I need some decent restraints in the car to avoid being thrown about like a rag doll, actually I should add Chris was driving at this point.


And so the story ends for now, fine tune some elements and fill the tank as it's once again empty.


Thanks Chris and family for everything you've done to build this with zero experience of LS engines, just goes to prove you're a legend!

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I guess she is now officially named Suzanne. Thanks for the comments guys, it's been a very enjoyable journey. Nowhere near fully complete, although she's road legal and to then work on perfecting certain areas.


By popular request, and I will apologise this is no a frills short clip. I'll do what I can to get another video up soon. But for now a small intro.


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