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How much did your first car cost ?


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1972 VW Beetle cost me £300, then spent an absolute fortune on new engine, chrome work, wielding floor pans, stereo, heating, seats......all paid for by my waitressing job when I was 17 :)


Edit: I didn't actually buy it in 1972, before you all assume I'm 60!

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Your first car stu?


£400 ford escort estate ..... 3 door ! Oh yes what a beast :)


First car I bought. I was gifted a Renault Clio 1.2 as a youth when my Mum moved to France, but as that was free, it didn't really count.

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1.7D 'Breeze'... there was bugger all breezy about its performance.... £900. Got rid of it for 700 after 6 months. I said I'd never get a Corsa...hateful faded red little thing.... but at the time I was struggling and even nearly bought a bright orange Fiat Seicento...the horror.




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A 4 year old MiniVan , FDM 319C. I sold my lambretta for £60 and my dad gave me the other £100, so £160. My dad's friend was a salesman at a well known auction house in Queensferry and they'd taken the minivan in part exchange, one previous owner, 32k on the clock.



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