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  1. Nso93

    Happy birthday Chris

  2. ZEUS


    Christ. I was about to talk about my money troubles and had to edit ( that's my problem) But good luck and enjoy your watch.
  3. ZEUS


    Back on topic, do you mean £1,500 or £150 on a watch?
  4. Have you crashed yet ?
  5. ZEUS


    Yeah the information is on google , I just had a look.
  6. You seriously need to change those rears for a matching pair before your on here telling us you've wrote your car off. Get some decent brand part worns if your that tight! I usually manage to get hold of a matching pair with 6-7 mm on for decent money, then stick your wah fong ditch hunters on eBay.
  7. ZEUS

    My 240z Project

    Looks like a good base to start, what are your plans with it?
  8. I know I'm stating the obvious but you do realise that the roads this time of year are cold and greasy? I always use a light throttle in winter, that's one good thing about riding a motorbike for years, you learn road surface conditions very well else your off!
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