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  1. Hatch struts now all done, new brakes and rear washer pump left to do!
  2. I wish it was a squirrel lol, update once I know the culprit.
  3. Think I'm maybe being paranoid lol, I'll get booked in,thanks guys
  4. Hi, noticed last night high pitched screech coming from my car at low speeds and when cold. The car has done 89k am I right to assume sounds like the clutch/flywheel or could I be mistaken? Cheers guys.
  5. Washer pump replaced, no dramas all working now! Next job hatch struts ordered from Amazon.
  6. Welcome mate, down the road in Darlington
  7. Hi Steve , Darlington here mate... Welcome
  8. Hi GM , thanks for your reply, managed to source one on eBay , reasonable at £9 !
  9. Hi guys, thanks for the threads successful install of new front washer pump. I now have a missing connection on drivers wiper arm that connects hose to the jets, I'm assuming I'll require a new wiper arm with connection already attached? Any advice much appreciated.
  10. Hi guys, anyone local recommend the go to guy locally? Much appreciated.
  11. Welcome mate, I nearly bought an r3....glad I opted for this zed though awesome, blows my old boxster s away .
  12. Welcome digger only down in Darlington here.
  13. Well new washer pump has arrived! First job on the list for Saturday morning.
  14. Welcome mate, I have just purchased a 05 unfortunately for you in silver, 88k 3 owners with fsh and gt trim for £5200....ongoing washer pump issue, first job on my list this weekend.
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