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Zed Shed Antics - Something will happen!

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Well Today is the day folks, going to start on the Pop build, first job is a little modification project to the Zed Shed II to make things easier for the build and then roll the Pop in and start staring at her and working out what I'm going to do :thumbs:


I have been reading up on these builds and it appears that the first rule of Rod building is (no I'm not going to say that :lol:) is there are no rules.

I'm going to fully endorse this theory and fully intend to go my own way with this build with that in mind I'm going to try something a bit off the wall today.

The next update may be a pile of scrap ready for recycling or it could be the first step in a great build - only time will tell!


What are we building?

A 1955 Ford 103E Popular


Arrived like this -





Stay tuned for updates :)




Maximum Effort :thumbs:

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Evening all hope you had a fun Saturday :thumbs:


So first Job was to start installing a modification to the Zed Shed II for the build :thumbs:


I made This




and this




Forgot to take a pic of the other bit :sorry:


Anyway I then did something borderline dangerous :lol:




Welded the bit I didn't take a pic of at the top of the Shed standing up there :lol:




Even painted it white and This was welded and painted




Then I painted the last bit




Now that lot can dry and hopefully tomorrow I can put it all together and show you what it does :thumbs:


aaannnnnd On with the build ........................



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OK so I decided to try something a bit different with some bits I kept from a recently stripped Zed,





The rear subframe mounting pins, removed the old metal and cleaned them up






ran a die down the threads and checked they were all good




then a bit of WTP weld through primer




Point to note there is a metal plate behind the box section that the pin mounts in and its quite thick




Add that to the 1.5 to 2mm mm or so of box and it is passing through about 9mm of steel in total.


Next a piece of 60mm x 60mm 3mm wall box section








Add holes in EXACTLY the right place :thumbs:


checked the wall and it is near enough 3mm




so I found this bit of steel in the scraps pile




so 6 + 3 = 9mm the correct thickness, made some plates up




and found that even though the pins are 20mm and I drilled a 20mm hole they don't fit :scare:




see the gap?


I checked the plate they came out of




Ha its rebated :doh:


So I countersunk mine




Now it fits :thumbs:




Remove 2 sections of box like so





Clean the surfaces for welding




WTP everything




and find some spacers






More in just a mo.


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Got out the big boy welder again




Few spot welds




Ok a lot of spot welds but I didn't want it to move!


Then I welded it all up solid




Hmm I was having problems seeing what I was welding??? Still a bit extra won't hurt


I definitely got good penetration as the bottom looks like this




Then I worked out why I couldn't see what I was doing 




Its called a "cheat" its a magnifying glass that clips into the mask for old gits like me who can't see any more, I only need it close up so I took it out when I was welding the bits to the roof earlier :doh:


Moving swiftly on - WTP everything again




Then put the previously removed sections back on




and weld them in place







Welding is so much easier when you can SEE!!! :lol:  :lol:  


The end result we have




That's a lot of work for one bar to be honest :lol:


More in a mo .......................









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For my next trick I require 2 x 80mm diameter steel circles about 8-9mm thick but I don't have any.

But if I scribe 2 circles on here




its 1cm thick plate




cut it out




drill a hole




Stick a bolt in it




weld the bolt on and put it in the lathe




I can do this




O I skimmed it as well






add a 20mm countersunk hole




a pin




That will go here




So first job tomorrow is make another one :thumbs:


Have a great evening.




Maximum Effort :thumbs:

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3 hours ago, andybp said:

The car doesn't appeal to me but but your skills and can do attitude are awesome :notworthy:


Cheers mate, we can’t all have the same taste it would be boring but this is a big project and some new challenges. I’m enjoying it so far but it’s gonna be slow as I have to make everything from scratch with no plans and no idea what each bit will need or be until I get to it :lol:



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Pah !!! ... I can do all that ...












Seriously I wish you were closer so I could watch you at work and learn ... amazing skilzzz    :notworthy:


If there's another world war I'd like to be on your side please

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38 minutes ago, Keyser said:

Cheers mate, we can’t all have the same taste it would be boring but this is a big project and some new challenges. I’m enjoying it so far but it’s gonna be slow as I have to make everything from scratch with no plans and no idea what each bit will need or be until I get to it :lol:



from scratch ,no plan no idea that sums me up :lol:


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I'm back :)


Sunday morning and I finished that mod now all the paint is dry :thumbs:


Bolted all the bits together to give me ..................






The black rope is a safety/tie off line in case anything needs to stay lifted, unlikely but possible.


Load test ......





Last time I did a big project I had @buster for heavy lifting now I'm on my own I have to keep calling the wife and kids to lift things, given that the Pop will need the body lifted on and off the chassis multiple times and engines and suspension subframes are heavy this is my solution to one man working, hope you approve :thumbs:




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Back to the Pop,


Now I have my hoist the first job was to get everything level and square so I have a base point to work from, so after much faffing with shims and wedges I got the subframe level -


"Make The Noise" - It's didn't but I have never had a level that did :lol: 




Finished making the other plate,




welded up ready




Now I took some measurements and did some thinking and realised that the spring hangers were going to be an issue,

I kept the original and was going to reuse it 




Yer, don't really want to reuse that! it is also not strong enough as it is welded to a reinforced section under the Zed, my rear subframe mount is only 60mm wide meaning I have to support the overhang and this is going to be a high load point.

Solution ....... Coffee, Head scratch, More coffee, eureka moment well not really I just decided I'd have to make my own but much stronger.


So same piece of plate and method I used for the front pins




They look the same but are 144mm across


Then I made 2 strips out of some 1.2mm steel folded the edge and punched some holes





Great aren't they??

Anyway weld them together





Flip and hammer round(ish)




cut  a length of this bit of pipe




which happens to fit in the rubber mount




weld round the inside of the lip and weld the insert in the middle








Happy :thumbs:


Repeat steps above




Clean up



and primer




Told you this build was gonna be slow!!!!!!!!!!


About 5 hours to make the second pin carrier and both spring tops, I'm not complaining I'm having fun but this will be a long project.


More in just a moment :thumbs:



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This next bit is quite boring, it took the rest of the day and doesn't look much but it took ages to get everything lined up, square and welded.

I even had to cut one side off and re-do it after I found a 1.5cm discrepancy in the subframe rails front to back on the first attempt! :doh:


Lots of this








and this




going on :lol: 


Ended up with a completed hangar though :thumbs:




which fits like so




The over length bars to the rear are there until I work out how far back I need them to meet the back of the body, easier to cut down than extend :)


Next job is to fit the spring carriers, the shocks may get mounted into the wheel arch that has not been decided yet I will need to look at the fitment and line up.


Of course this is just the basic carrier it will need gussets and cross bracing for strength it may also need some reworking so no point in finishing all the strengthening and then have to change it again later - little steps :lol:


Stay tuned chassis rails should arrive this week so I can make some more next weekend hope to get a couple of evening in and do the spring hangars during the week though :thumbs:





Maximum Effort :thumbs:



Edit: After I re-did the rails the discrepancy was down to 0.25mm give or take a mm :lol:


Edited by Keyser
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Small update -


Chassis rails arrived





That should take the weight and the power nicely :lol:












I jest of course they are the beams to make my new chassis table with, but I only had a couple of hours on it tonight and it took that long to get it square and level!!




How many spirit levels do you have?


That's most of my collection :lol:


I'll get this built befor I do anything else though :)




Edited by Keyser
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Can someone please work with Keyser and start a YouTube channel about this build??? This is awesome!! :#1:

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