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  1. depends how desperate they are, but on my latest I had mats, full tank and 5 years servicing
  2. fuel and mats should all be agreed / negotiated for before you even arrange a pickup date - thats something I hammer home when they're still trying to get me to sign
  3. This. Or better still a clay cloth.... I have one ...... but how long should you keep them (or how many uses)
  4. nobody's actually mentioned their preferred weapon of choice yet for the clay bar (other than megs)
  5. not sure what you're referring to ........... is it the rusty looking coily bits behind the springs ....... if so, how do you go about removing those ???
  6. This is going to be soooooo beautiful when its finished
  7. I once got vascar'd from a motorway bridge doing 60 in a 50 - we were on our way to the airport and I was in no hurry, so had been doing that speed for quite a while and just hadn't spotted the restriction. Anyway, couple of weeks later, letter in the post saying the usual - I thought that there was no way I had been speeding on that stretch, so contested it - requested the full details and got a pre typed form in the post with the missing bits filled in by the pair on the bridge ie date speed time etc - except the date was wrong and it also had "and my colleague reported the number plate to
  8. a new keyboard that doesn't have caps lock on ????
  9. I'd go with red on black or preferably boaty McBoatFace
  10. I really enjoyed both cars..........but for very different reasons the TT was a far more practical car and drove like it was on rails, but if you wanted to let it loose ......... it was quite difficult. The AWD was superb in the snow The 370 was a much better looking car, although the TT wins on interior - but only just which would I choose - the 370, but would never turn down a TT this is obviously my taste and opinion - as other have said - you need to try them - I was always able to manage unaccompanied drives of 24hours if they could see you were genuinely interested
  11. The Zed vid looks like the US though , generally Russians seem to drive the way I play Grand Theft auto The zed was definitely playing GTA
  12. what waxes are safe - the ones with petroleum, I'm aware are the ones to avoid
  13. Polishing my tips this morning
  14. the whole vid appears to be just Russians (or eastern bloc) ...... are any of them even remotely aware of other road users
  15. I had expel applied (after a full detail) to the bumper, bonnet and front wings only on the Jag about 7-8 months ago to be fair, you can see the edges (its a template cut), but you have to be pretty close to see it, however I have none, zero, zilch stone chips on the front end. sadly, I didn't do the doors and typically had some stupid b1tch scratch it (its only small but its through to the primer) with either a handbag or something else sharp on her person - I have video footage, but couldn't ultimately identify them So, for all those doubters out there - if you hate stone chips
  16. he really should go and see a doctor about that ....
  17. nothing will beat a good 'ol van for those mundane everyday tasks
  18. ioneabee

    Dash cams

    also ............... there are many, many threads on this subject take a scoot through
  19. Here's hoping a new pussy cat has now taken permanent residence
  20. I would suggest you add some photos here as well as opposed to just a link
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