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  1. 370Nut


    think ECUTEK has more benefits and features compared with Uprev such as flat foot shifting and adjustable traction control I'm going for the ECUTEK http://www.ecutek.com/Products/Trade/ProECU-Tuning-Suites/Nissan-Tuning-Suites/Nissan-370Z
  2. Anyone been to TDI for an Ecutek remap for their 370z yet ? would be interested to hear feedback Debating going to TDI or the road trip to Abbey....
  3. thinking of sound deading the doors soon for road noise , when I do this may as well put in some new front speakers in so if you pick any speakers let us know ! I'll start to have a look myself soon
  4. will have a nose around the site
  5. If anyone has an aftermarket system for sale or coming up for sale please fire me a pm If the traders have some discounts on anything coming up would also consider new Thanks
  6. On the old forum I could simply search for words within a particular forum I.e 'ARK Grip' only in 370z exhaust section Am I blind or can I no longer search within specific forums ?
  7. Can you run for a while with the error code or is it a must you fit the cats then get the remap straight away ?
  8. Thanks will take a look
  9. Just wondering what gains would be expected from HFC and stock exhaust Also what difference in sound is there from stock cats to HFC , is there much more noise ? any rasp? Will i need a map with HFC ? Currently looking at Cobra units , eventually will probably be mated to Fast Intentions or ARK grip exhaust
  10. Noticed the 350z cars can fit 'z' centre caps which replaces the nissan ones http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/like/181764604197?chn=ps&dispItem=1&adgroupid=42825902799&rlsatarget=pla-326572619173&abcId=1129006&adtype=pla&merchantid=115069830&poi=&googleloc=1007422&device=c&campaignid=861899693&crdt=0 What options are there for our 370z ? Any 370z owners replaced the standard nissan ones ?
  11. 370Nut

    I need tyre help.

    anyone notice a difference dropping the fronts from 40 profile to 35 ?





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