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  1. sussex sawyers


    Hi guys had my 370 z on the rolling road at SRD today and had it tuned up. I have found the rolling road gives BHP from the wheels and it’s dramatically less than BHP from the fly wheel. What power are you guys running at the wheels? I am wanting answers from N/A vehicals no supercharger or turbos please?
  2. Hi guys. Is there any chance I can take rich’s spot and take full advantage of the 20% discount. It’s a bit cheeky of me I know but will sound epic on my 370z ?
  3. There is a car show at the south of England show ground on 19/08/18. Not sure if it’s up your alley but might be worth a look. It’s Called “THE LONDON CARTEL EVENT”???
  4. I am going to say yes please but unfortunately I can’t do the lunch aspect as I would need to get back for my wife. Maybe do a run from hickstead up there?
  5. Connector to a switch loose so easy fix.
  6. Not a rest set problem unfortunately. However took it to my electronic mate and he sorted it out for me.
  7. First and foremost where are you based buddy ?Me and Steve - Zippypooz are based in Hayward’s Heath. I will pm you details of the meet when I have set a date for it later this week.

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    2. sussex sawyers

      sussex sawyers

      Yes mate sounds good to me. Let me know a few days in advance as I I care for my wife so would need to make arrangements but good to have a non alcoholic beer  could never condone drink driving. 

    3. Payco


      Of course.Will be in touch.

    4. Payco


      Have a look at my post in Regional Meets - south east. If you fancy it you could meet and follow Steve and I up from HIckstead services.

  8. Thanks to all responses so far. I think if I were to spend 15k on a body kit I think I would have to buy a piece of rope to end my life! Lol. Think I could get down the body shop and craft my own arches and body kit for 5k maybe some blood sweat and tears but I know will be well worth it. Not sure how to link to other responses but it’s possible to meet up with you payco let me know of some dates and sure to check the diary.
  9. Hi there, so I am hoping that some one could piont me in the right direction when it comes to wide body kits for my 370z. I have Sean some over fender wide arch kits in the states but seam to be a little pricey! I know it’s possible to build a shape my own ones in a body shop but think it’s more hassle than just buying the ones in the states. Does anyone know a uk supplier? Which is reasonable in price as I not got 10k to by the VARIS BULLETPROOF Kit however does look the boll@cks if I do say so myself. Hope you guys can help
  10. Hi there please help! Having troubles with my 370z's windows? So yes they go up and down but the problem is that when I get out of the car and close the door the window is not going up under the seal, however I,have done a simple reset to the windows and this has not changed anything. I have also only noticed that I need the engine running to open and close the windows. I am now starting think that this is a programming fault? All help would be a appreciated and banter will be met with appropriate return banter!
  11. any idea's where i would find a video on how to get the whole of the dash out not just the stereo. also anyone who has done it could they please let me know if there is any space back there that i could reconfiger some of the engine bay?

  12. did you manage to sell your lights in the end? was it a film over them or were they smoked from inside the unit?
  13. silly question but if its not at the front of the gear stick where would the hazard lights be? the hazard lights are situated next to the gear stick?
  14. Presuming you have the Revup 2006?) Not sure i know what that means :s but i will get in touch with tarmac and find out more when i call them, I have got a 2006 model not sure about the uprev though!





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