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  1. is you counter pickin on me 'coz i is vertically challenged
  2. at this rate - you're going to want all the banned ex-members to come along
  3. @Adrian@TORQEN @ATTAK Z ah phooey * You're
  4. Well your discussing it with someone who carries a handbag, so that would count if your missus spots it
  5. I was close enough to see that it was a bogo off the shelf Halfrauds sponge He thought he was going to impress me with the fact that he uses TFR as his shampoo ........... geez TFR = (generic) Trafic Film Remover
  6. yep - get rid of tapatalk - the mobile version of the site is very good we are aware of the issue though ( @Lexx )
  7. I think my rapidly disappearing back gave him the message
  8. not even that - anybody who decides to take this up as a career, should at the very least have done "some" research
  9. had a flyer put in my post box and as its just round the corner in a unit (so not your common old tesco type jobbie), thought I'd go a take a look to see what they do He was power hosing a car as I pulled up and asked him costs etc, as he was answering I looked into his bucket and copped an eyeful of a yellow sponge floating on the surface............. turned around and said "oh, you use sponges - never mind) and off I drove
  10. Browser Help - is your Browser ie Chrome, Edge (yuch), Firefox etc https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/3220216?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en thats for chrome - haven't looked for any others -
  11. I'm still trying to get over the way (and where) my phone has been buzzing all day
  12. @SuperStu can you do a vid to show me how to turn off that goddamn awful music
  13. £150,000 way out of most peoples league and that cheese grater looks bloody awful ............. otherwise yes, please
  14. please keep on topic guys - this is for the "cuddly" stuff
  15. only if you permanently affix him - if its a temporary attachment ........... I wouldn't bother
  16. I have a pair - they are good, but expensive
  17. "Learner Driver" - have i missed something ?
  18. I seem to remember a certain yellow helmet and a go pro ????
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