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  1. I went to test drive the current SLK (unfortunately it was only the 200) - but found it so underpowered and the autobox just wouldn't change when I needed it - basically it was not nice overall !! I asked the dealer to contact me for a test drive in a 350 - but typically of this garage (Sinclair, Neyland, Pembrokeshire) - they never, ever ring back - they must have lost more deals than I can imagine. When I went to get the Audi TT (Lease) - I gave them every opportunity to contact me.................FAIL !!!
  2. yep - the 1st one I think was probably after all the training runs, the 2nd one - well... nuff said
  3. http://arkitipintel.com/2011/01/11/inte ... %80%9D-32/ I thought every one said - don't use your Z in the snow
  4. nope -definately not - I feel sea sick
  5. nice product - but that has got to be one of the worst websites I've seen for a long time !!
  6. Car got so many dings it was a cat C write off......... People who mess with someone else car need their testes running over.......FACT. it looks like a '54 plate - it's gotta be worth more than a thousand (ish) for a door paint job
  7. where on earth are you going to stash a couple of cones in a zed ??? incidently anyone know what was the final result for Yukmouth ?
  8. I suppose it doesn't help that Nissan's website is still advertising them as an option
  9. If you go through http://www.contracthireandleasing.com/ (this particular lease search engine) and type in black edition after selecting Nissan and 370 - it will find hundreds of offers, updated daily !!
  10. Ref : availability of the Black Edition why is it that on the lease sites - the black edition is still available ?? have they got a source we don't have ?? this one for example http://www.firstvehicleleasing.co.uk/ca ... 6?ref=chal
  11. Just spent several hours with AutoGlym tar remover on my "white" Audi TT - after now reading up on this and several other forums, think I'll be switching to Autosmart Tardis Still counting down the days 'till i can get my hands on a Zed - but it won't be white, thats for sure !! - the tar was virtually upto the windows
  12. Ref : availability of the Black Edition why is it that on the lease sites - the black edition is still available ?? have they got a source we don't have ?? this one for example http://www.mvscars.co.uk/results.php?mo ... ake=NISSAN
  13. I had an auto tt mkiv, still miss it a bit bet you don't have one like mine
  14. ioneabee

    Window Tints

    well - I wouldn't use a word as strong as "stupid" - maybe a better word would be "unwise"
  15. Hi All the quartz is the most stunning version i've seen...........unfortunately not available now so as mentioned in my just joined post viewtopic.php?f=3&t=45571 can't change until October but if anyone is fed up of theirs by then..............pleeeeassse let me know I am so desperate now - another 8 months to go
  16. hmm - I work for LA too and know the position you find your self in Did they agree to the detailing - I would doubt it !! on a 2nd point about cars parked on the side of the road - see my pics here viewtopic.php?f=3&t=45571 luckily my next door neighbour saw it happen - 'coz the teenager who did it then drove off !!
  17. I got hit by a load of grit from a wagon probably doing in the region of 50pmh in the opposite direction to me a couple of years ago - when I went to the Local Authority to make a claim - they just turned it down flat and basically said thats just tough luck - normal wear and tear etc, we have to grit the road etc.....GO AWAY filled in the paint holes myself and sold the car but if it ever happens again - I'll take 'em to the small claims court
  18. ioneabee

    Window Tints

    I fancy darkening the windows - but not sure how this would go down with the law ? not too black - just darker comments would be great
  19. any of you know who's got number 37 - it's up for sale on auto trader too early for me unfortunately - I can't change until October
  20. Thanks all now for your amusement - here's a piccie of my lovely TT at the end of last summer
  21. Hi all signed up a couple of days ago - I'm in SW Wales (as far as uou can go before falling in the water) Presently the happy owner of an Audi TT, but looking to change in October to the 370. Had an hour and a half test drive - loved it ! I would describe the TT as a ballerina (not in any female sense) - just poised, pretty, accurate and balanced - you could almost drive it with your eyes closed, it's that easy I would just describe the 370 as ........well as a thug !! - absolutely brilliant cheers Andrew
  22. Bassetts in Swansea have now opened for business (about 3 weeks ago) and are approved dealers for the 370 - though they're not going to do the GTR. Experience with the range may be a bit sketchy at the moment, but they should learn PDQ anyway
  23. Thats what 3 weeks in the job gets you !!!! it's not really rocket science is it ?? shame really - 'cos for not much more you had a special edition - would probably have gone for it Like the idea of orangewheels.com though - seemingly forcing the local price down by about £4K
  24. Nope - he had a fully spec'd up GT there (in blue) - which he then said must be a black edition because it had everything on it (except the red seats obviously and it was blue)
  25. Strangely enough - I was offered a new Black edition yesterday from a dealer, who said it was no problem !! This is a brand new dealership - been open for 3 weeks - methinks they may not know........or they've latched onto a new source ??
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