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  1. I've got a Cover Zone Voyager tailored outdoor/indoor cover. New in bag. Never used. I think it was over £80new. Open to offers.
  2. my son went in his yellow Nissan 300ZX TT and had a great time. Saw your yellow 350Z.
  3. when I was a cop {many long moons ago) if the driver of a company vehicle committed an offence for which the company was also liable it was the company secretary who was held responsible.
  4. there is a very nice roadster just come up for sale on the z club site at a very good price.
  5. Z club and 300zx club are not having a stand this year due to excessive entry fees. A few members are attending with other displays.
  6. Sorry Ekona but that is rubbish Cloughs Forest will never be second, theirs was a magnificent achievement. However nothing should detract from Leicesters super performance. Well done the Foxes.
  7. A deer is not classed as an 'animal' under the Road Traffic Act so no need to report it to police. Looks to me like you were very lucky. Most deer accidents I've seen have resulted in the car being written off.
  8. Hi PaulK & Wendy, no it wasn't taken as criticism just a post to inform you that the stuff is out there available for club meets. I don't know who has the shelters etc but I bought six and they were divided up so that most areas of the country had access to one for local shows and several could be brought together for events such as Japfest
  9. both the 350 club and the Z club have 3 event shelters each which are distributed throughout the country. I have one of the z club ones and usually take it to all the events I attend. I did not bring it this time as in the rules it stated that a risk assessment had to be submitted (no idea how to do that) and weights must be provided to hold it down. By this I assumed that we were on tarmac and I have no weights only pegs (nor as far as know does anyone else) nor do I have the capacity to carry them in my 280ZX. No one else brought one either but the are available to be shared round. Between us we should also have loads of banners, feather flags etc but only mine was displayed.
  10. Many thanks to 370Ad for setting this one up from all the Z Club guys who attended. It's good to get all 3 clubs (with 300ZX) together to show off our cars, I'm sure we had the biggest display. Great to see some new blood organising an event. Keep it up!
  11. I'm willing to stand corrected but I would think a trip to your local motor factors would sort this matter for very little £sd especially if you take hat picture with you.
  12. just for information of any prospective owner fully loaded 370Z NISMO in white for sale at my local Citroen agent , 9292 miles (Mansfield Notts) Sept 2014. £29,231. Tel; 01623-789789. salesman is Kye Massey.
  13. If he is such a good driver he wouldn't have got himself in that mess in the first place. Complete ****.
  14. my local Citroen garage has a white NISMO 370Z in stock. 2014 with 9292 miles, £29231. Full details from salesman Kye Massey, tel; 01623-789789
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