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  1. Not really, ...the tree would have done him a favour if it'd written off that Peugeot 207. That is unbelievably close though. it could have improved its look immeasurably
  2. those are amazing time both I'm yet to do a full half and would expect to do a flat one in about 2:00 - there are no "flat" halfs where I live, in fact there's no flat anything my furthest to date is 11 miles, so don't expect to have any major difficulties getting through it
  3. yep - do this one - http://www.parkrun.org.uk/colby/
  4. Giant Defy 2 - carbon and disc brakes - although I came off big time last saturday .......... who'd have thought sliding about 12ft on tarmac would hurt this much .... 7 days on
  5. I'm into all 3 events running, cycling & swimming after a year off 8mins/mile is pretty impressive - I tend to average 9mins/mile I've got the Wales long course weekend booked in June (or is it July ?), but as its my 1st time doing this, I've only opted for the 45mile bike, followed by the half Marathon Terrain for me is mostly road running, but occasionally do trail - bike is turbo during the week and road on the weekend (when the weather allows) Apps - Strava / Garmin / TrainerRoad Nuitrition - fairly basic - just gels (for these distances my body carries enough erm.
  6. I hope any prospective sale goes better than a previous one (if I remember correctly)
  7. yep - still keen for a meet (work tends to get in the way a lot at the moment though) (so long as you don't mind a ex-zedder joining the mix)
  8. this one should do the trick http://www.brickhousesecurity.com/product/xtreme+life+wifi+teddy+bear+hidden+camera.do?sortby=bestSellers&from=fn
  9. They are generally going for between £120-£130 - although they do seem to be considerably cheaper on that website, but they don't have any 25mm ones as being offered here
  10. TBH - I can't understand why there's so much delay with you here - a friend of mine got rushed in (pretty much same as you), they identified gall bladder issues and within 24hours they had him in the operating theatre 2 weeks home time / rest and about 4 weeks after he was more or less back to normal
  11. he can release it one handed too
  12. these are also available https://www.alloygator.com/
  13. its just an alteration in status / role ......... not a new appointment we would keep members aware of new appointments
  14. is this the one attending to you http://9gag.com/gag/aLDvnmM?ref=fbp
  15. apparently no contest between gall stones and kidney stones ............ it's a draw - I feel for you but on the up side my wife says its still not as bad as giving birth - she's now recovering nicely and is back on solids
  16. better than garish white letters on your tyres
  17. nah ...... those that drive different cars shouldn't get a mention .................. oh wait !!!!
  18. clearly a wind up ............... I just can't get over how many people seem to be sucked in by it
  19. tut tut tut ............. touting for business :lol:
  20. Like another thread doing the rounds............ make your own discs out of industrial size coffee tins ----------- I'm sure it will work (for 30 minutes of testing so you can get an idea of how it would actually feel and work) what could possible go wrong ??
  21. I've considered both... 1. That research would include finding out whether it drones and at what rpm (based on feedback / ride-alongs) 2. I know I thought about this, but can't remember if I wrote it down. Yes, it doesn't quite work if I hate it as an aftermarket option may still be viable, but I just have to keep this in mind when making a decision. It might not work, but I can only see it helping in making a decision. Knowing what's bad can make what's good more obvious. The only sporty things I can relate it to (off the top of my head) from real life experience (being inside
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