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  1. as the title - just curious and when / where would they / should they be utilised
  2. but surely there are different types of "loud" ie a loud resonation at low frequency is entirely different to the "loud" of a high frequency but, bust a gut and go try it and let us know how you got on
  3. the problem with wbac (and the like) is that yes, they will take it off you, but their initial offer rarely stands - you pay a fee (non-refundable) for someone to give a final quote and thats where it all falls down
  4. Probably gangzoom is a member on other forums, but I for one would feel we would be the poorer for not discussing other Marques, upcoming technology etc ....... in the appropriate parts of this forum If you don't agree with someone's point of view make a polite comment (or not comment at all) and move on. I agree with you in that I'm not a fan of electric cars, however, they definitely have a place and I'm happy to discuss them .... but you do seem to have contradicted yourself slightly ..... we are all here for our passion of cars whatever form they come in
  5. I wonder how feasible it would be to have solar PV on the roof instead/as well as the panoramic glass
  6. providing the banks valuers are ok with your agreed borrowing, you're on the home straight (pun intended)
  7. They look gorgeous ....... the pussy cats too I bet I know which ones will make the most noise
  8. you should also try its little brother whilst "only" 3.0ltr supercharged, but damn I like these cars
  9. I fancy a little something soon ...... beginning to get cabin fever
  10. It must have been the dab aerial cable being so close to the dash cam power cable. Now that's the other side of the car it looks/sounds fine. I've heard of this before, when I was researching mine - I believe there is a suppressor of some sort that may also be an option
  11. woohooo ...... apparently I've got Launch Control (or dynamic launch as Jaguar call it) and I don't have to put it back into a garage every time I use it (fnar, fnar to GTR ) nice little review as well
  12. all you need now are the under cill neons and you've completed your chav look to perfection
  13. its the felange .............. its always the felange (I'm sure someone will get the reference )
  14. Glad to see you didn't get caught up in the peer pressure and commercialism of the day......until I read the last sentence! I could of given her it on any day though plus it was only a pound from Asda. ahhhh, gotta love a cheapskate spent £1 on his missus, and £39 on himself :lol:
  15. That red rose was very tasty and good to share - we hope you enjoyed your game
  16. following orders ........... just not very well (as usual)
  17. we don't normally do much - been together nearly 25 years now - but this year, she decided that we would cards for each other my response .... "really" !!!!! anyway, couple of days ago bought a card with as little pap in it as possible went to write it this morning and realised I'd bought a card that said "to my husband" ............ oh bugger !! ah well, crossed out husband wrote wife ............... jobs a good un
  18. nearly up norf i see - do a gocompare thingy but with the f-type and see what it comes out as
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